US Speaker Possible Meeting With Taiwan Leader, China Warning

US Speaker Possible Meeting With Taiwan Leader, China Warning


 Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen is scheduled to meet with US House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Tuesday. Beijing said the Republican leader should avoid repeating the “catastrophic” mistakes of the past.


 The office of the Speaker of the US House of Congress confirmed on Tuesday that McCarthy will host Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen during her stay in the US.


 China immediately opposed the meeting, saying it would “further damage China-US relations.”


 The Chinese consulate in Los Angeles reiterated in a statement that the meeting was “not conducive to regional peace, security or stability.”


 China. United States. A war of words in Taiwan

 Taiwan’s official Central News Agency reported that Tsai plans to make a short stay in the United States while returning from a tour of Central American countries. During his visit to Central American countries, he met with the leaders of Guatemala and Belize.


 Tsai’s spokesperson Xavier Chang said that it is not yet decided whether the president will make a speech in the United States, but preparations for her visit are underway.


 Chang added that it is Taiwan’s right to discuss with other democracies and “China is not in a position to interfere in its decisions.”


 Commenting on this, Washington said that such a short stay is normal practice and China should not react too much in this regard.


 However, the Chinese consulate in the US called the meeting a “political exhibition” and said it was “wrong” to call Tsai’s visit a transit.


 Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning reiterated that China “opposes any official communication and contact between the US side and the Taiwanese authorities.”


 He warned that if the meeting takes place, China will take decisive measures to protect its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

America should not repeat the ‘disastrous’ mistakes of the past, China


 Taiwan has had an independent government since 1949, but China considers the island part of its territory.


 The Taiwanese president stressed during his speech in Belize on Monday that the world was facing “expansionist threats from authoritarian regimes”.


 “The people of Taiwan are facing constant threats and pressure from their neighbor on the other side of the Chinese peninsula,” he said.


 Last year, after the visit of US Congress Speaker Pelosi to Taipei, China started military exercises around the island.



 A statement issued by the Chinese consulate warned US House Speaker McCarthy that he was repeating the “catastrophic mistakes of the past”.


 Beijing said the meeting will further consolidate the Chinese people’s strong intentions and determination to fight against the common enemy and support national unity.


 Taiwan’s foreign ministry responded by saying China’s recent criticism of Tsai’s visit was “becoming increasingly ridiculous.”


 “Taiwan will not back down even if the authoritarian regime continues to expand and intensify repression,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

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