US President Joe Biden arrived in Warsaw after his visit to Kiev

US President Joe Biden arrived in Warsaw after his visit to Kiev


The US president is scheduled to spend the next two days in Poland, where the possibility of permanently deploying US troops will be discussed. This visit of President Biden is taking place on the occasion of the one year anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine

 US President Joe Biden arrived in Poland’s capital Warsaw on Monday evening for a two-day visit ahead of the one-year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Polish television also broadcast Biden’s Air Force One landing at its airport.


Earlier, on Monday, he suddenly arrived in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, and after staying there for a few hours, he left for Warsaw. In Kiev, he met the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy.


This was the first visit of the US President to Ukraine after the Russian attack on February 24 last year. His visit to Kiev during the war is seen as a strong signal of his support for Ukraine.


Why is Biden in Poland?

US President Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Kiev came as a surprise, however, as the White House announced a two-day visit to Poland earlier this month. Poland wants more US troops on its soil.


On Sunday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said during an interview with American broadcaster CBS, “We are talking with President Joe Biden’s administration about making his presence more permanent and increasing.” are chatting

Last June, Biden said that the United States wants to establish a new permanent military headquarters in Poland in response to Russian threats.


During his visit, Biden is also scheduled to meet with Polish President Andrzej Duda and top Central European officials.


What did Biden say in Kiev?


Biden’s visit to Kiev was not announced in advance due to security reasons, but Washington must have informed Moscow about it just before leaving. It was Biden’s first visit since the war against Ukraine began.


“As the world prepares for the first anniversary of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, I look forward to meeting with President Zelensky today and reaffirming my unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s democracy, sovereignty and territorial integrity,” he said. I am in Kiev to reiterate.”


The White House says President Joe Biden will soon announce the delivery of more equipment to Ukraine, including artillery ammunition, anti-armor systems and aerial surveillance radars.

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