US forces shot down an ‘unidentified object’ in the air

US forces shot down an ‘unidentified object’ in the air


The US military has shot down an unidentified object seen high above the state of Alaska on the orders of President Joe Biden. It is being reported as the second foreign incursion into US airspace in two weeks

The White House said on Friday, February 10, that a US warplane shot down another unidentified object high in the air in the state of Alaska. This is the second time in the past week that US jets have targeted an unidentified object in its airspace.


It was flying at an altitude of 12,200 meters and is said to have gone down in US waters off the northeast coast of the state of Alaska near the Canadian border. The White House says it was notified of the unidentified object late Thursday night.


 US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters that President Joe Biden had, “ordered the military to shoot this thing down.” A single spy balloon in the air was shot down

However, John Kirby on Friday did not identify the new downed object as a balloon. Instead, they said a fighter jet shot down the object, which was about the size of a small car, at a high enough altitude that it posed a “reasonable threat” to civil aviation. . The US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, clarified this in a statement and said that the object that was shot down on Friday was “nothing like an aircraft.”


John Kirby told reporters, “We expect to be able to get the wreckage out of the water because not only did it fall in our area, but we think it’s on frozen water, so we can recover it.” Efforts will be made.


He added, “We don’t know who owns it, whether it is a government-owned company or a corporate-owned company.” We don’t even fully understand its purpose yet.” However, Kirby said that the US military had first sent a plane to observe the object before shooting it down, and that the pilot had assumed that It was without man

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