The United States formally adopted Turkey’s new name, Turkey

The United States formally adopted Turkey’s new name, Turkey

The US government and its diplomats will refer to Turkey’s new name as the ‘Republic of Turkey’ in future statements. The decision comes months after the Turkish government requested a name change
The US State Department confirmed on Thursday, January 5 that the US has officially adopted the modified new spelling of the name of its NATO ally Turkey. It should be noted that Turkey recently changed its name to Turkey instead of Turkey.

Why did Turkey change its name?

This step has been taken after the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked all the countries and international organizations of the world to adopt the name change. In North American countries, Turkey is the name of a bird which is also a popular food. The name change is an attempt to avoid this similarity.

This announcement of the United States on Thursday came at a time when Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu is going to visit Washington later this month.

The change in the spelling of Turkey’s name was first revealed in a statement the US State Department posted about a joint US-Turkey operation against suspected financiers of the Islamic State group. was

US officials later formally confirmed the name’s spelling change in a statement, but said the colloquial pronunciation would remain the same. “The Turkish embassy requested that we use this new spelling in our communications,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

“The department will now use the same spelling that you see today in most diplomatic and bilateral statements, including our public communications,” he said.

Turkey’s foreign minister is due to visit Washington later this month and is expected to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as well as Finland and Sweden’s bid for NATO membership.
Although the United States has announced the name change, the preliminary process of the change has not yet been completed. Both the State Department’s website and the Foreign Affairs Manual have yet to see this change.

Why did Turkey request a name change?

In 2021, Turkish President Erdoğan asked countries and international organizations using the Latin script to permanently use Turkish instead of Turkish. Along with the United Nations and NATO, countries such as Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand have already done so long ago.

When Turkey is searched on Google, a picture of a bird named Turkey comes up along with the red flag of the Republic of Turkey. Which is cooked and eaten with great ceremony on the occasion of ‘Thanksgiving Day’ in America. The dictionary also lists a meaning of turkey as ‘stupid and stupid person’.

In the decree of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the reason for changing Turkey to Turkey was that this word represents the culture, civilization and values ​​of the Turkish nation. However, some observers call it an attempt to rebrand the country.

Turkey has been trying to change its product branding from “Made in Turkey” to “Made in Turkey” over the years. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued a presidential decree last year, requiring all official correspondence and business branding to use the word Turkey instead of Turkey.

Although the majority of the people of Turkey already call their country Turkey, but still the name used in English is quite popular within the country as well. The Turkish Exporters Association started writing ‘Made in Turkey’ on the country’s products from January 2020.
The Seven Countries That Changed Their Names
Turkey has changed its name to Turkey. A few other countries have also changed their names in recent years. Some countries did it for political reasons, some for historical reasons, but some just for marketing
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued a decree on changing the name of Turkey in December last year, saying that Turkey represents the best expression of the culture, civilization and values ​​of the Turkish nation.

However, the reason for the change of name may also be that the Turkish President may not like its resemblance to the country’s national bird ‘Turkey’. However, Erdoğan’s government is sensitive to the narrative of national identity.

It is said that the historical background of the bird named ‘Turkey’ is connected with European history. When European colonists arrived in North America, they saw wild birds similar to the guineafowl found in East Africa. During this period, Europeans used to import guinea fowl from the Ottoman Empire. Based on this similarity, he named the North American wild bird ‘turkey’, which became popular.

The Netherlands Dutch government abandoned the name of the Netherlands and kept the country’s new name. Since 2020, professionals, tourist boards and government use the Netherlands place of all hollands. Now North Netland and South Holland are only two provinces of 12 provinces of this European country. It is said that the Holland decided to change his name allegedly because it has been imagined by the reason for the legal permission of drug and body for the entertainment in this country. However, it is not clear that the domain name of this country will be This name is still available on the Dutch tourist agency website, in the North Macedonia listening to the Republic of Macedonia, in his name, replaced his name by reporting the Republic of North Macedonia. Unlike other countries, the change was made only because of the change. North Macedonia wanted to improve his relationship with Greece so that it is easily to join NATO and the EU. Greece has been displaced due to using Macedonia’s name with its neighboring country because it is also a geographical name of Greece. Macedonia has been ancient Greek empire. The name of the name of the name was also created in the region’s establishment, in the April 2012, Kushani Swiss king of Swaziland changed his country to try to break the relationship with the colonial past. It is said that the king was unhappy with some people that mistakes used to make Swazlandland to Switzerland. The African country took his name as a renovation system, its name of the ‘Senate as’ the’ Senate of the Swazi, “said this, the territory of his establishment, has changed its name in the context of marketing. The Czech government officially called the country’s name in 2016 and also recommended to promote this small name for international needs. The way the French is the official name of the France, the same as the Czech Republic may be checked. It seems more simple in speaking names. But some people become the Munichas between the Chestya and the Russian Republic of Chechnya. Perhaps this, the Prime Minister Anerdara Bosus interviewed the Journal Wall Street Journal in Sun 2020 and said that they do not like Czechia names
This country is located in the ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean, about 700 km away from the coast of Senegal. He had asked her to change his name in 2013. It was known as the first cap. Now but its name is Kabo Verthand. This name means in Portuguese: “Green-up.” It’s not a danger and this collection is located on the ultra-western edge of the Al-Zazir continent Africa, but there are some practical ways to rename. Then the Chief Minister of the country said that his country needs a standard name, which does not have to translate. Like Sri Lanka Vaticani, Sri Lanka also adopted his name to end relation with his new colonial past. Although the country’s name change was from the UK since 1962, after the freedom of the year, however, the official name of this country was also used for the year 2011. The domestic salon tea is currently developed and exported from the same name, and is very popular in the country.

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