The report of the US State Department, called “a reflection of the facts”.

The report of the US State Department, called “a reflection of the facts”.



Human rights activists and political observers have termed this US State Department report close to the facts, which claims that human rights violations are taking place in Pakistan in many cases.


These activists have demanded the government to take this report seriously and try to eliminate the factors that lead to human rights violations.


It should be noted that the US State Department has issued separate annual reports for 198 countries and territories on Monday, March 20.


Pakistan is also mentioned in detail in this report. There is a long list of human rights issues mentioned in the report regarding Pakistan, including extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, inhumane treatment, prison conditions, women’s and minority rights. Many other human rights violations have been reported, including harassment, arbitrary arrests, torture, restrictions on freedom of expression and restrictions on civil society.


The report should be taken seriously.

In Pakistan, many quarters have recently expressed concern over the violation of the rights of the Ahmadi community, including the forced marriage of Hindu girls, the misuse of blasphemy and blasphemy laws against Christians and other minorities, and the use of blasphemy laws against Christians and other minorities in Balochistan, Sindh and Enforced disappearances in P. are also a cause of concern for many international organizations.


Human rights activists say Pakistan should take the report seriously and seek reforms.


 Peter Jacob, executive director of Lahore-based Center for Social Justice, says that this report reflects the facts. He told DW, “This report is part of global governance and no one can disagree with the contents of this report. Certain points like forced conversions etc. should have been given more space in it. But still it is a comprehensive report which should be taken very seriously by the government.


Some political observers believe that various countries and institutions in the modern world attach great importance to international human rights reports and set their policies in the light of it.


According to him, such reports are also important in terms of bilateral relations between countries, because in democratic countries, parliamentarians can raise such reports and create problems for their government.


Dr. Sarfraz Khan, former head of Peshawar University’s Area Study Center, says that this report is very important for Pakistan in the current situation. He told DW, “Such reports are not only given importance by various organizations of the United Nations and the European Union, but also in bilateral relations, these reports have a big hand.” If there is a pro-Indian congressman in the US Congress, he can create problems for Pakistan by using this report

According to Sarfraz Khan, different lobbies work in the British Parliament in the same way and “any anti-Pakistan lobby can demand economic sanctions on Pakistan with the help of these reports.” So it should not be dismissed as American propaganda.”


Religious and national minorities in Pakistan have been pointing out human rights violations for the past several years, while journalistic organizations have mentioned several restrictions in 2022 that have been against human rights.


Sarfaraz Khan believes that the government should initiate a process of reform: “Enforced disappearances should be brought before the courts. Military operations must end. There should be strict accountability of law enforcement agencies and effective protection of constitutional rights of minorities


Similar action

However, some critics believe that such reports have little significance in the relations between the countries. Some international affairs experts believe that the United States itself has violated human rights in other countries of the world so much that many countries do not take such reports coming from the State Department seriously.


Dr. Bakare Najamuddin, associated with the National University of Science and Technology in Islamabad, says that this report has no more significance than the US using it as a pressure tool. “One point in international law is the supremacy of states,” he told DW. Many countries in the world ignore human rights and UN reports on this point

According to Dr. Bakare Najmuddin, because the United States itself has committed the worst human rights violations in many countries in the world, including Iraq and Afghanistan, it does not have the moral authority to lecture other countries: “However, I think The US can put pressure on Islamabad to exert political pressure on Pakistan or to gain support in the international forum.


During its relations with Pakistan, Washington has often referred to various international and domestic reports, which Islamabad has been rejecting and accusing the US of ignoring human rights violations in India. Is.


DW reached out to Federal Minister for Human Rights Riaz Hussain Pirzada for his position but did not receive a response.

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