The proposed meeting between US President Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida

The proposed meeting between US President Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Kishida

The visit of the Japanese Prime Minister to the US is taking place at a time when Japan has announced to expand its defense capabilities in the context of increasing Chinese activities in the Indo-Pacific region and security threats from North Korea.

The White House said on Tuesday that US President Joe Biden will host Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on January 13 and on this occasion, the two leaders will discuss various issues related to the economy and security in detail.


The statement issued by the White House said that the two leaders will discuss in detail topics such as the Russian military attack in Ukraine, climate change, stability in the Taiwan Strait, North Korea and a free and open Indo-Pacific.



Prime Minister Kishida’s visit to America is taking place at a time when Japan has announced a wide expansion of its defense capabilities in the context of China’s growing activities in the Indo-Pacific region and the security threats posed by North Korea. Is.


In a major shift in its defense policy over the past several decades, Tokyo has increased its defense spending to two percent of its GDP by 2027. It has also vowed to restructure its military command and acquire more advanced missile capabilities.

In response to North Korea, America and South Korea have now fired missiles


Meanwhile, Pyongyang has recently conducted several missile tests, raising tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

What else will be focused on in the negotiations?


White House press secretary Karen Jean-Pierre said that “President Biden will continue to focus on Japan’s recently released national security strategy, his presidency of the G7 and his tenure as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. Will reiterate our full support for the car.”


“The two leaders will celebrate the unprecedented strength of the US-Japan alliance and set the course for their partnership for years to come,” he added.




Christopher Johnstone, head of the Japan program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a think tank in Washington, told Reuters, “They will also focus on economic security issues related to China, including the Includes support on export controls for sensitive technologies such as conductors.”


Biden and Kishida have previously met at the G20 summit in Indonesia late last year


Must also read this report on joint nuclear drills between the US and South Korea


South Korea’s president says his country and the United States are considering joint planning and exercises using nuclear weapons. This has come to light amid growing tension in the region

South Korea President Yun Sik Yol says that using American nuclear assets, Seoul and Washington are talking to a joint venture and its exercises. He said in an interview in a local newspaper on January 2. “The nuclear weapons are of the United States, but the planning, information exchange, exercises and training should be jointly jointly between South Korea and the United States.” He also said that the thinking of the idea is that “America’s thought” is also considered. South Korean President said that this aims to take the use of the “Azizable Provider” of the US and to make America’s efficiency, it is to increase the US military capability to prevent attacks on their allies. North Korea threatening and threats South Korea president said in the background of the rising risk of North Korea. However, he maintained the narration of nuclear weapons of the nuclear weapon is still important. It is clear that the tension between the neighboring countries has increased significantly after the yen Squi has come to power

One day ago, North Korea leader Kim Jongong said to be prepared to prepare Benazir Bamistic missile (ICBM) from his army so that he could increase the nuclear weapons of the country to fight tension with South Korea and the United States. Last week, at least the Jalq workers announced the new military goals, the South Korea is now the ‘sauce’ enemy “of the North. On January 1, Sunday, North Korea fired a ballistic missile hitting short-distance from its eastern coast, while it was a three-day missile missile. North Korea ignored all the restrictions of the United Nations, in the year 2022, we have expected weapons experiments every month. South Korea has increased their joint military exercises with the United States after the slowdown of Korona virus. After 2029, the peace talks between the two children in the second increase increased the weapons experiences, and now the Seoul and Washington think that Pong Yang is preparing its seventh nuclear experience.

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