The possibility of acceleration in deportations from the European Union

The possibility of acceleration in deportations from the European Union



EU interior ministers have agreed in a meeting held in Stockholm that the process of deportation needs to be made more efficient. According to European leaders, countries that do not cooperate will have to pay the price


The interior ministers of the European Union member states have agreed on Thursday that there is a need to make the process of deportation of immigrants coming to Europe through illegal routes more effective. This development was revealed in the meeting held today in Stockholm, hosted by Sweden. According to the interior minister of Sweden, which holds the presidency of the European bloc, Maria Malmar Asterngaard, the deportation process is ineffective at the moment.



According to the data, deportation orders of 340,000 immigrants were issued in 2021, but only 21% of them were implemented. European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Yola Johansson said that the current pace of deportations is very slow, “There is room for improvement.” The number of deportees can be increased and the process made more efficient.”


Ministers of some states have also suggested that the process of obtaining visas should be limited for the citizens of the countries of origin which are not cooperating in the process of deportation. The Swedish government believes that there is a need to work together with the countries of origin in this regard. Interior Minister Maria Malmar Asterngaard said European governments should use their powers to urge migrants’ home countries to cooperate. According to him, things like development aid and others can be linked to cooperation


Many aid programs of ‘reintegration’ are run by the European Union in these countries, where the governments have shown cooperation in the process of deportation. Since 2020, there is also a system under which, if the countries of origin of people who are declared deserving of deportation in Europe do not provide them with travel documents or are not ready to take them back, then for the citizens of such countries. Obtaining a visa can be made difficult.


The European Commission proposed in 2021 that this system should be applied to Bangladesh and Iraq, but currently no progress has been made in this regard.

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