The USA most wanted fugitive on social media has done something stupid

The usa most wanted fugitive on social media has done something stupid



Georgia: A fugitive suspect in America was arrested because of his stupidity, the suspect had commented on social media by not putting his name on the most wanted list.


According to the details, after not finding his name in the list of most wanted persons shared by the police on social media, Christopher Spalding, a fugitive accused, commented on it and attracted the police.


This interesting incident took place in Rockdale County, Georgia, USA, when the police shared a list of most wanted persons, which included the names of fugitive suspects in murder, robbery, attempted murder and kidnapping.


Christopher Spalding, a fugitive suspect, commented on the post, ‘What about me?’


On this comment of the accused, the county police replied, ‘You are absolutely right, there are two warrants against you, on the way.’

The USA most wanted criminal

The county police also explained that this top ten list is based on the severity of the charges, and not being on the list does not mean that our fugitive unit will arrest you if you have an active warrant. Not searching.


A day after Christopher’s comment, the police arrested him. Posting on Facebook, the police department also thanked the accused for his help in making the arrest

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