The German team was eliminated from the fifa world cup in the group state

 The German team was eliminated  from the World Cup in the group stage

For the second time in a row, the German football team is going home from the group stage of the World Cup competitions. Although Hansi Flick’s side beat Costa Rica four goals to two, Japan’s victory over Spain eliminated them.


This is the second time in a row.

In the 2018 World Cup in Russia, the German team returned home after losing to South Korea and now four years later the same thing happened again. The German football team was eliminated from the Qatar World Cup at the group stage


However, in their last match of Group E, Germany also achieved a dramatic victory against a strong team like Costa Rica by four goals to two. However, due to less points, she could not qualify for the next stage.


“It’s a total disaster for me personally,” Germany forward Thomas Müller, 33, told German broadcaster ARD after the match. Also indicated to be.


He said: “If this was my last game, I would like to say a few words to my fans, who have supported me over the years. I have always tried my best on the field.


The memory of Russia was fresh in the minds of the German players and with that they entered the field yesterday. Muller flashed a simple header wide as he came on and then Serge Gnabry scored the first goal in the tenth minute with a more difficult header.

Despite this, captain Hennessey Flick’s side’s efforts proved futile in front of goal and they seemed to slow down both on the ball and on the field as the first half wore on. However, just before the break, Manuel Neuer made a brilliant save.


Germany failed to learn from the problems they faced against Japan in their opening match of the tournament and were punished in the 58th minute. He lost possession in midfield and Neuer’s header was converted by Costa Rican Yeltsin Tejeda.



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Although Hansi Flick’s side beat Costa Rica four goals to two, Japan’s victory over Spain saw them out Picture: Matthew Childs/REUTERS


“We didn’t crash out after today’s match, but we crashed out in 20 minutes during our first match against Japan,” Flick told ARD. We lacked performance and that is why we are out.”


Japan gave a big shock to Spain


In the second match of the same Group E, the game played out in an even more dramatic fashion. Spain’s Alvaro Morata’s early strike was parried by Japan’s Ritsu Doan. Ritsu Doan also scored against Germany. Then Japan scored another goal against Spain and with Spain’s defeat, Japan topped the group.


Germany also scored two consecutive goals against Costa Rica. But then Juan Pablo Vargas of Costa Rica scored a goal against Germany.


At that stage Costa Rica and Japan had qualified from a group that also included Germany and 2010 winners Spain. But at the same time, Japan substitute Kai Huertz scored another goal against Spain in the 73rd minute to move them to second place.


As a result, Japan finished top of Group E and Spain dropped to second, while Germany’s hopes also faded with Costa Rica’s exit.


However, in the 85th minute, Germany restored their lead by scoring another goal, then four minutes later scored a fourth goal against Costa Rica. But they still needed a goal from Spain against Japan to draw level.


If Spain had drawn against Japan, Germany would have qualified for the second round, but they did not. Germany’s early defeat at the hands of Japan ultimately cost them dearly

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