The death toll in Turkey and Syria is now more than thirty-three thousand

The death toll in Turkey and Syria is now more than thirty-three thousand

The United Nations has admitted its failure to deliver aid to areas controlled by the Syrian opposition. Turkish authorities have issued arrest warrants for 113 contractors of buildings that collapsed during the earthquake

Six days after the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria, the death toll in both countries has now exceeded thirty-three thousand. The United Nations has expressed fear that the number of dead in the earthquake may double. Martin Griffiths, the United Nations humanitarian and emergency relief coordinator, arrived in Turkey on Saturday to assess the damage caused by the earthquake.

The death toll in Turkey has reached 29,605. In neighboring Syria, the death toll in government and opposition-held areas stands at 3,553. However, the death toll in Syria is up to Friday as no new figures have been released since then. According to AFAD, Turkey’s official disaster agency, more than 2,000 aftershocks have been recorded since the first earthquake on Monday morning.
The United Nations failure was confirmed by Martin Greethus, saying that Syria’s earthquake victims were left waiting for international international aid, who had not reached them. “They were referenced in opposition to the opposition of opposition in the northwest of the Muslims. Greetings wrote on Twitter, “he feels that he (the Syrian victims) beloved himself.” He added that he is focusing on the efforts to the fastest solution of this matter. The United Nations said that “I am my duty and our responsibility that we can get the failure as soon as possible. I am paying attention to him now. “The volunteer-related resolutions in the Syrian opposition regimed by the head of the White Helms, accused the United Nations on Friday that he has failed to conduct human rights in the occasion of opposition. The arrests of contractors in Turkey have ordered 113 suspects involved in building construction of some buildings involved during the earthquake. Vice President Faddak Okha said that the weekly 131 suspects have been identified and 113 orders have been issued to arrest
At least 24,921 buildings collapsed or were heavily damaged across the region, Environment Minister Murad Koram said. Turkish building regulations meet current international standards for earthquake safety, but their implementation is not feasible during the construction of every building.

According to Turkish media, authorities detained two contractors at Istanbul airport on Sunday, who have been blamed for the destruction of several buildings in Adyaman. The two were reportedly on their way to Georgia.

The state-run Anadolu news agency says two other people have been arrested in Ghazi Antap province on suspicion of cutting pillars to make extra rooms in a collapsed building. Some critics believe the arrests could help the Turkish government divert public anger away from local and state officials who allow substandard construction and onto builders and contractors.

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