The American delegation will visit Pakistan this week

The American delegation will visit Pakistan this week


A delegation of top US officials is coming to Pakistan this week to address recent tensions in relations. At present, a delegation of Pakistani army personnel is discussing defense issues in Washington

The delegation led by US State Department Consul Derek Shule will visit Pakistan this week. It is hoped that this visit will try to improve the strained relations during the tenure of former Prime Minister Imran Khan.


 According to a press release issued by the US State Department on Monday, the US delegation will meet with senior government officials, civil society members and business people in Bangladesh and Pakistan from February 14 to 18.


Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was ousted by a no-confidence motion in April last year, continued to ‘infuriate’ the US during his tenure. He welcomed the Taliban’s rise to power in Afghanistan in 2021 and blamed the United States for his ouster in 2022.


The US-Pakistan National Security Council, which includes senior civilian and military officials, has rejected Imran Khan’s allegations.


After the ouster of Imran Khan, Shehbaz Sharif took over the reins of power of the country.


 The visit of the American delegation is taking place at a time when the 350 billion dollar Pakistani economy is still in crisis due to last year’s deadly floods. At least 1,700 people were killed in the floods and the government estimates that $16 billion will be needed to cover the damage caused by the floods.


Armed with nuclear power, Pakistan is currently suffering from severe financial difficulties. 10-day talks in Islamabad with Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) ended without an agreement on Friday. A virtual meeting between the two will now take place this week.


According to sources, Pakistan has sought help from the United States to restore the $1.1 billion in stalled aid with the IMF.


“The delegation will also reiterate the strong security cooperation between the two countries,” according to a press release issued by the US State Department on Monday.


Tackling the effects of climate change through economic ties and cooperation is also on the agenda of the meetings

Talks between Pakistani and American officials in Washington


US Department of Defense Pentagon has confirmed on Monday that talks have started with Pakistani defense delegation coming to Washington.


US State Department spokesperson Ned Price also said that talks between the two countries, including security, are ongoing between the two countries.


“We engage with Pakistan on a wide range of issues, we maintain productive engagement with our Pakistani partners and with all levels of government, and we share a common interest in confronting what matters,” he said. There are common threats to regional security and our security.”



A US State Department spokesman added that “this week’s mid-level defense talks will advance efforts to eliminate regional and global terrorists and other security threats, with the United States working with Pakistan on counter-terrorism. It has a strong partnership and this is an opportunity to continue that conversation

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