Suspected submarine abandoned at sea in SpainSuspected

submarine abandoned at sea in Spain


 Authorities in Spain found an unmanned submarine in the open sea on Monday, which they suspect was being used to transport cocaine.


A submarine seized by Spanish authorities on suspicion of transporting cocaine was released back into the sea on Tuesday. The submarine was released into the sea off the coast of Galicia in the northwest of the country by Spanish Civil Guard officials.


Officials say that no drugs were found in the submarine during an initial inspection, but it is possible that its crew had already escaped with cocaine. Videos were also posted on social media.


Spanish authorities suspected that the submarine was being used to transport cocaine from Colombia to Spain.


This submarine is estimated to be fifteen to twenty-two feet long and made of fiberglass. It appears that its ‘propeller’, or the part that pushes it forward in the water, got stuck in the mud, after which its crew emptied it and left it behind.


On Monday, the crew of a fishing boat spotted oil in a small area of ​​the sea and later discovered the submarine in the water.


No arrests have been made so far in this case and no trace of the crew of the submarine has been found so far.


In 2019, another similar submarine was found in Galicia, with three tons of cocaine imported from Colombia. Later, two of the submarine’s crew were also arrested in Ecuador

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