Sanyasdan succeeded in changing the direction of lightning

Sanyasdan succeeded in changing the direction of lightning



With the help of a laser beam, the scientists directed the lightning on a specified path. With the help of this technique, it will be possible to prevent lightning strikes


On Monday, for the first time, lightning was successfully tested. Experts believe that in the future, even lightning can be generated in the same way. Lightning strikes 40 to 120 times per second worldwide, killing more than 4,000 people and causing billions of dollars in damage annually.


Until now, protection from these severe electric shocks is done by installing metal bars on buildings, which was first imagined by the American intellectual Benjamin Franklin in seventeen hundred inches.


A team of scientists from six research institutes used the same method, but replaced the metal rod with a fixed-point laser.


Research published in the scientific journal Nature Photonics describes the use of this laser beam. Lightning was guided more than fifty meters away by this laser from the top of the Swiss mountains.


According to the study’s lead author and physicist Auerlein Houar from the Optics Laboratory of Ensta in Paris, “We were just doing a first test to see if the laser had any effect on the lightning flash.” And so this donkey was given his own way.


However, he said that this method will be more effective in the future, when electricity is also produced by itself.


He said that lightning actually originates from storm clouds or the release of static electricity between the atmosphere and the earth. The laser beam creates a plasma, in which charged ions and electrons heat the air. Thus the air becomes partially insulated and lightning uses it as a better path.


In this regard, an experiment was conducted in the American state of New Mexico in the year 2004, but then the laser did not control the lightning. This was because the laser beams used did not produce the required pulses per second, Hovar said

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