Russian army entered the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, street fighting continues

Russian army entered the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, street fighting continues


 Russian troops have entered the Ukrainian city of Bakhmut but have so far failed to gain control of the eastern city. According to the deputy mayor of the city, the Ukrainian army is strongly resisting the Russian troops.


Aleksandr Marchenko, the deputy mayor of Bakhmut, a major city in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, told media that Russian forces managed to break through the ranks of Ukrainian troops on the city’s borders and entered the city.


Russian forces have been engaged in military operations to capture this city for the past seven months. However, in recent weeks, Russia has stepped up its military offensive.


It has been a year since the start of the Ukrainian war, while the Russian army has not achieved any major success in this military conflict during the last half year. However, control over Bakhmut would certainly be a source of some satisfaction for the Moscow government.


 Russian officials say that the capture of Bakhmut will open up the Donbass region to Russian forces. That is why this city in eastern Ukraine is considered very important in terms of military strategy

Before this war, the population of this city was around seventy-five thousand, but now there are only four thousand citizens in this city, who are forced to live in shelter houses. They have neither electricity nor gas.


Although the Russian forces have come close to capturing the city after a long military operation, defense experts say that the Russian army has lost several thousand soldiers in just this one campaign, which is a sign of the failure of the Russian army’s strategy. There is a hint.


On the other hand, the Russian Defense Minister has visited Ukraine to inspect the Russian forces deployed in Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Defense in Moscow, during this extraordinary visit, Sergei Shoigu tried to raise the morale of the Russian forces. It has been reported that Shoigu visited the war fronts in the Donbass region, but the details of which cities or fronts he visited were not given.


British military secret sources have also confirmed that the battle of Ghamsan is going on in and around Bakhmut. A complete siege of Bakhmut would cut off the reinforcements of the Ukrainian army in the city, allowing the Russian army to quickly capture the key city.

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