Putin, Xi meet: Ushering in ‘new era’ of Russia-China relations

Putin, Xi meet: Ushering in ‘new era’ of Russia-China relations


Chinese President Xi Jinping has signed an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin to cement an “unlimited” partnership. A few days ago, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant against Putin.


Chinese President Xi Jinping said he had signed an agreement with his Russian counterpart that marked the beginning of “a new era” of cooperation. The two leaders also called for “responsible negotiations” to resolve the Ukraine crisis.


 “We have signed a statement on strategic partnership and further strengthening mutual relations, which will usher us into a new era,” Xi Jinping said after talks with Putin in the Kremlin.


He added that China and Russia will work together to advance their broader “practical cooperation”.


Russian President Putin said at the time that “all agreements have been reached” and economic relations between Moscow and Beijing were Russia’s “priorities”.


The Chinese president’s visit to Moscow came days after the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Putin’s alleged crimes in his neighboring country. Although it is being said that despite the heavy casualties, the Russian army has had little success in its objective in this war.


In February last year, some three weeks before Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, the two leaders hinted at strengthening an “unlimited” partnership.


Regarding the crisis in Ukraine, the Chinese leader said, “Beijing respects the principles of the United Nations and insists on a peaceful solution to the Ukraine war.”


“We always support peace and dialogue,” he added

Joint statement


A joint statement issued after the meeting between Xi Jinping and Putin accused the West, as usual, of Washington seeking to undermine global stability and push NATO into the Asia-Pacific region.


Putin said that the Chinese proposal to end the conflict could be used as a basis for a peace settlement, but that the West and Kiev were still not ready for it.


“Many aspects of the peace plan presented by China are compatible with the Russian position, and if the West and Kiev are ready, it can be used as a basis for a peaceful solution,” Putin said.


“However, we have not seen any signs of consent from them so far,” Putin added.


China has offered a 12-point proposal for the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine and an eventual ceasefire, although it is unclear how the war would be ended.


Kiev’s response

The US has rejected this plan. Washington says Beijing has not yet condemned the Russian military offensive in Ukraine, saying a ceasefire would give Russia a territorial advantage and give Putin’s forces more time to reorganize.


Commenting on the meeting between Putin and Xi Jinping, the White House said that China’s position is not neutral. He urged Beijing to withdraw its troops from the autonomous region of Ukraine and pressure Moscow to end the war.

Meanwhile, Kiev has welcomed the Chinese leader’s meeting with the Russian leader, but said Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine and respect Ukraine’s territorial integrity.


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said on Tuesday that Kiev has suggested to China that Beijing include in the peace formula an end to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

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