Pro-Iranian forces warn the US of an attack in eastern Syria

Pro-Iranian forces warn the US of an attack in eastern Syria


 Following airstrikes in Syria, the US president has warned Iran that his country will take ‘full action’ to protect its citizens. Pro-Iranian forces say they have a “far-reaching reach” to respond to these attacks.


Pro-Iranian forces have said their “reach is too far” to respond to US military operations in Syria in response to drone strikes on US bases over the past 24 hours.


“If our centers and forces are targeted in Syria, we have the capability to respond,” an online statement signed by the Advisory Committee of Pro-Iranian Forces in Syria said on Friday.


The statement added that several fighters were killed and injured in the US airstrikes. However, the nationality of these fighters was not disclosed.


According to Reuters, another US soldier was wounded during the clashes between Iran-backed forces and US personnel on Friday evening, officials said.


Earlier on Thursday, the United States blamed an Iranian drone strike for the loss of seven lives, killing an American contractor and injuring five American soldiers and a contractor.

Don’t want a confrontation with Iran, Biden


US President Joe Biden, visiting Canada, said on Friday that the US does not want a conflict with Iran, but “to protect our people, we will act with full force. As we did last night.”


When asked if Iran would have to pay a heavy price, Biden said, “We’re not going to stop.”


Earlier, the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that the drone that targeted the base of the US military coalition in the northeastern Syrian city of Hasaka on Thursday was Iranian. However, he did not provide any further proof of this

Fresh attacks on pro-Iranian forces


 According to the French news agency AFP, the US Department of Defense has confirmed the latest attacks on the bases of Iranian-backed forces. However, no casualties have been reported.


A statement released by the Pentagon said that through the F-15 fighter jets, “the strikes we conducted were intended to send a clear message that we take the safety of our personnel seriously and will respond if they are threatened.” We will respond promptly and decisively.”


“This was a proportionate and deliberate action, aimed at limiting the risk of escalation to minimize casualties,” the statement added.


Amid the ongoing tension with Iran, the United States has launched several attacks on Syria since President Biden took office. In addition to February and June in 2021, it also targeted several hideouts of fighters in Syria in August 2022.

Darin Khalifa, an analyst with the Brussels-based think tank International Crisis Group, said Thursday’s attacks by both sides “come at a time when the overall deterioration of relations between the United States and Iran and the impasse in nuclear talks “The political environment is quite fragile because of this,” but it is not expected to escalate much.


According to Darien Khalifa, it’s “a case like this, which has been going on for a long time.”

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