Pope Francis will lead to the last trip to the Pope Benedict

Pope Francis will lead to the last trip to the Pope Benedic,

a present pope in the modern modernization of the prediction of his predecessor to be a unprecedented event. Annoying Pope Benedict also set up an example of the first time in six centuries.
Former head of the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI, will be laid to rest on Thursday, January 5, after an unprecedented funeral service, to be presided over by his successor, Pope Francis.


Pope Francis will preside over the funeral mass in St. Peter’s Square, after which his German-born predecessor will be buried in the papal mausoleum under St. Peter’s Basilica.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI died in Rome on Saturday, December 31 at the age of 95. When former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger Benedict was elected pope in 2005, he became the first German pope in centuries.


Pope Benedict, who led the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013, announced his resignation citing ill health. He was the first pope to abdicate since Pope Gregory in 1415, and the first time a pope had abdicated in six centuries.

However, it was during his eight-year leadership that such global sex abuse scandals came to light that shook the Catholic Church. Due to these events, his period was affected a lot
What will happen during the funeral?

The former pope’s body had been kept in state for three days since his death, and when it was opened for a final viewing by devotees on Monday, a large crowd had already gathered outside the basilica.

Thousands of people were allowed to visit and pay their respects for several hours. On Wednesday evening, his body was moved in a cypress coffin, to prepare it for last rites.

According to reports, his funeral is expected to be attended by around 100,000 people, including several heads of state, many European royals and 3,700 priests.

Pope Benedict will be buried in the same tomb as John Paul II, the head of the Catholic Church before him.

Traditional church bells will be rung at 11 a.m. German local time to announce the funeral in his native country. German Chancellor Olaf Schulz will also attend his last rites

This report has been prepared by Mufti Ziyaul Islam Qasmi


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