Morocco’s history-making football team

Morocco’s history-making football team

Morocco’s football team has become the first African team to qualify for the semi-finals of the World Cup. Morocco’s achievements are being appreciated in most of the Muslim countries and it is being considered as the success of the Arab Muslim countries.


The Moroccan football team is the first team from Africa to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup, but at the same time, this team is also the third team from outside Europe and South America to reach the semi-finals. Earlier, in the first football World Cup tournament held in 1930, the United States qualified for the semi-finals, while South Korea did so in 2002.


 1 This time too, three of the four teams that qualified for the semi-finals belong to South America and Europe.

France and Croatia are from Europe while Argentina is from South America. Apart from them, Morocco has become the first team from Africa to qualify.


 Lyari, which was once Greece and is still Brazil


This ambivalence of European countries is beyond comprehension


Foreign workers ‘enjoying’ the World Cup in Qatar

In fact, getting ahead in the tournament is related to money and traditions. Good indoor football facilities ensure better teams. However, the game of football is becoming popular at the global level and now not only the World Cup is watched in Asia, Africa and North America, but the fans are trying to win their respective teams to the extent of madness. Such fans are hoping that teams from other parts of the world will come forward, which will benefit the game.


This World Cup is being held in Qatar, a Muslim Arab country. Morocco is getting support not only from its own fans but also from many Arab states. Coach Waleed Ragrogi said, “Even if you have less talent, limited quality and lack of funds, but if you have hope, hard work and dedication, the ability to compete and the belief to be a pioneer.” . So you can do anything


The semi-finals are a long way off, teams from Europe and South America rarely qualify for the quarter-finals. This time Morocco got this honor. In 2014, Costa Rica’s team reached the quarter-finals, when they lost to the Netherlands on penalty kicks. In 2010, the Ghanaian team also reached the quarter-finals. Senegal in 2002 and Cameroon in 1990 have also reached the quarter-finals.


One of the reasons for Morocco’s string of successes is that this time teams are allowed to bring a delegation of twenty-six players. This step, taken in the context of the Corona epidemic, is proving to be positive for Morocco for many observers, as the coach has many substitute players to choose from.


Remaining World Cup Matches

Fifa world cup 🍵

The first semi-final match in the World Cup will be played between the teams of Argentina and Croatia next week on Tuesday, December 13th. The second semi-final will be played between France and Morocco on Wednesday, December 14. Then the third place match between the two losing semi-final teams is to be played on Saturday 17th December while the final match is to be played on Sunday 18th December.


Many countries did not like FIFA’s awarding of the hosting rights to Qatar and there is more focus on finding negative aspects.

All Western countries do not criticize Qatar during business transactions. Is it protest or hypocrisy?

Whether it is banning the hijab in Europe or hurting the sentiments of Muslims with controversial cartoons, this logic is repeatedly reminded. From September 2005 to 2020, sketches of the Prophet of Islam continued to be published from different countries in Europe and he was allowed to hurt the feelings of billions of Muslims only in the name of freedom of opinion. I remember that in 2020, when I also decided to boycott French products and expressed my opinion on Facebook, many European friends immediately commented that sketching is not such a big deal and there is so much freedom of opinion in Europe. Everyone has it. That is, it is permissible to hurt the feelings of billions of Muslims? It does not fall into the category of a crime and is not considered a violation of human rights. These rules belong to Europe and anyway the people living here will have to follow them.


In the same way, the ban on hijab in Europe is not a hidden thing. Of course, with the passage of time, a positive change is seen, but in some places it is still called religious extremism. In 2006, the Prime Minister of England called the hijab a symbol of segregation. All religious symbols, including the hijab, were banned in public schools in the Netherlands and France. On July 15, 2021, two women were fired from their jobs in Germany for wearing hijab. This decision was upheld by the European Court of Justice.


Now, wearing hijab is not prohibited in any religion of the world and I think wearing it does not hurt the feelings of the citizens of any country, but what should be done, those who own the country will have to follow their rules.


This logic took a new form, when this year i.e. 2022, the most popular sport, the World Cup of Football, was held in Qatar. Qatar is an Islamic state and Muslims and non-Muslims alike know that Islam has no place for homosexuality. In a country where Islamic law is applied, to think that people from outside Qatar should be allowed to do something un-Islamic and unconstitutional is sheer hypocrisy.


The German soccer team covered their faces with their hands in their first match, against Japan, to protest that not allowing LGBT armbands to be worn was tantamount to speaking out as a basic human right. Deprivation of right


The captains of seven European teams refused to comply with the armband ban, but were pushed back by action from FIFA and the threat of yellow cards. The German Interior Minister stated that FIFA should consider human rights when choosing hosts. In response, the Qatari Foreign Minister stated that Germany never remembered this idea in energy partnership and various business transactions.


And there is no doubt that European countries and all Western countries do not criticize Qatar in business transactions. The FIFA president also made the same point that Europe should apologize for at least three thousand years of racism and human rights violations for the past three thousand years, before teaching any other country a lesson.


Somewhere it is felt that many countries did not like FIFA’s awarding of hosting rights to Qatar and more attention is being paid to find some negative aspect. It seems as if homosexuality is the only human right, which is in danger at the moment, and only this right needs to be protected from Qatar and Arab countries, forgetting all other aspects. Until just a few years ago, homosexuality was not accepted in most countries, but now that it has been accepted in Europe and America, it is necessary that all religions and all countries should embrace it. If you have come to this country, you will have to follow their principles, so apply them here too so that your justice can be propagated with pride.


Qatar has spent billions of dollars to host this event and has arranged all kinds of facilities for football fans from all over the world. Even families with special children have been provided the facility to watch the game in a separate and peaceful environment, but all this will not be appreciated anywhere and the focus of the whole world is that Qatar has finally violated its religion and constitution. Abolish the ban on colored armbands of Qas Qaza. This duplicity is beyond comprehension. Just think for a moment that when Germany hosted the soccer world cup in 2014, what would have happened if some Arab countries had insisted that Germany violate some of their rules? If then the game can be limited to the game and only football can be enjoyed, why not now?


Some German players are said to have made a statement that they would definitely not celebrate the victory in Qatar if they won the World Cup. The German team is already out of the tournament, however, and can take their hands off their mouths and put them over their eyes again in Germany, where they don’t face the hijab ban.


All this news is according to the report of DW


By Mufti Ziya qasmi

And daughter Naima Naznin


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