Moral State and Economic State

Moral State and Economic State


 The temporary arrest of former US President Donald Trump today has interesting contents, which reflect the modern thinking of the state, according to which the priority of the state is economy, economy and economy.


 The arrest came as a result of a lawsuit filed by a well-known American prostitute, essentially a defamation suit, in which the prosecution wanted a large sum of money; The most interesting thing is that the above-mentioned main claim was rejected by the court, defamation was not recognized, Trump was declared the winner in this axis, Qahba was also imposed a huge financial penalty.


 However, the former president was found guilty in the sub-clause of the case, the judgment says that the sexual relationship with the said prostitutes is not impeachable, that it was based on mutual consent, to keep his mouth shut, at the time of the presidential election, one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. Paying is also not a crime, personal money can be given to anyone, the serious crime is showing said money as legal fees in business registration and tax records, this financial lie is unforgivable.


 In all three contexts of judgment the economistic capitalist system, in all its disreputable aspects, is peeking in. How much of it you can see depends on your vision. Cannot demonstrate much, you may consider this enough to form an opinion, that the key offense in the heavenly kingdom and the main cause of the corruption of the earth, is omitted from mention; While accessory defamation is aggravated by all the provisions of the offence.


 The subject of the modern state is an economic animal, where moral values ​​or human traditions are contemptible, meaningless and overloaded, the state is conscienceless and it gives these claims the status of irrelevant and unnecessary pollution, animals! You are free to do whatever you want, morals, humanity, dignity and honor have been erased from the book of life.

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