Legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States

Same-sex marriage bill becomes law _ President Biden signs after approval in both houses of the United States

The Same-Sex Marriage Protection Bill has become law in the United States. The bill, which has already passed the US Senate and House of Representatives, was signed into law by President Joe Biden on Tuesday. The bill became law.

On this occasion, US President Biden said that this is a very happy day.

Today, America took another step toward equality. Another decision towards freedom and justice has been made not for a few but for all. Anyway, today I signed the same-sex marriage protection bill into law

Many of you are standing on the South Lawn.

Many of you have given up your bonds fighting the law I signed. Quit your jobs, your lives are ruined.

First of all, with the concern that the Supreme Court will decide against us marriage, the US Senate approved the bill of protection of sexual marriages. Apart from the ruling Democrats, some Republican Senators also supported the bill. Billions of the Greetings found easily in the Senate with the

US President Biden also expressed his pleasure to accept the bill of protection of us in the Senate.

On the occasion, Biden said that everyone should respect the law of marriage, that America is close to expressing the basic truth that love is love, and that Americans should have the right to marry what they want.

The defense bill of gender weddings was approved by the Senate and then went to the House of Representatives.

This law also passed there. After the approval of the House of Representatives, the bill was sent to the President Biden. Along with their signature, the law of our personalized protection has been enforced

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