IT experts needed in Germany, thousands of jobs available

IT experts needed in Germany, thousands of jobs available

 A study looked at the shortage of information technology professionals facing Germany. Currently, 39,000 IT jobs are vacant, while by 2030, this number may reach 140,000. can choose This disclosure has been made in a study by business consultants ‘McKinsey’. The study predicts that by 2030, there could be a shortage of 140,000 information technology professionals in the country’s civil service sector.



The study was conducted earlier in the year 2019 regarding people with professional skills related to the field of information technology in the country’s employment market. Fifteen percent increase in this shortage has been noted since then. The researchers working on this study say that the conclusion of these data can be drawn that due to this shortage, the process of digitization in the public administration sector in Germany may be negatively affected.


It should be noted that the forecast in the study is based on the current rate of retirees and new recruits. Currently, 5.1 million IT professionals are employed in the German civil service, of which approximately 1.5 million will retire by 2030. McKinsey estimates that the current shortage of 39,000 information technology professionals could reach 140,000 by 2030.

One of the study’s authors, Julia Kleier, says, “The estimated labor shortage in Germany is quite low given the extensive digitization programs of the federal and state governments for the coming years.


Björn Münstermann, a public sector expert associated with business consultants McKinsey, has demanded that a central body be established to monitor ongoing measures to tackle the manpower shortage in the IT sector. The study also states that the hiring process needs to be improved. The lack of graduates and the need to provide training to public sector staff are also emphasized.

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