Iran is responsible for the attack on the embassy, ​​Azerbaijan blames it

Iran is responsible for the attack on the Embassy, Azerbaijan accused Azerbaijan announces his embassy in Tehran, and has taken the Iranian government’s hand behind the attack. The security charge was killed and two guards were injured in the embassy and Azerbaijan, accused the Iranian government accused of attacking his embassy in Tehran on Friday. Talking to the local media of the Foreign Affairs of the Azerbaijan Foreign Minister, said, “All the responsibility of the attack is imposed on Iran.” He said that the recent Azerbaijan anti-campaign in Iranian media has encouraged the attack. Talking to Turkish Treasury TRT, he said, “All diplomatic staff from Iran is being”. When and how was the attack? A attacker in the Iranian capital entered the embassy of Azerbaijan on Friday, January, who was killed and two guards were injured in the security charge. According to Tehran’s Police Chief Hussain Rehmani, the imports of ‘personal and family enmity “were made. According to the Tehran Government, the attacker has been arrested.

According to Hussain Rahimi, the attacker is married to a woman from Azerbaijan and accusing him that the Azeri authorities have kept his wife in their embassy for the past nine months.


What is the Iranian interest in Nagorno-Karabakh?


Meanwhile, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also condemned the attack, saying that this action was carried out on the basis of ‘personal enmity’.



Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev protested that the attack on his embassy was a ‘terrorist act’. They called the attacker a ‘terrorist’ and demanded immediate punishment for him. He wrote on Twitter, “I strongly condemn this act of terrorism”. On the other hand, Turkey has also criticized the Tehran government by strongly condemning this action.


Strained relations between Azerbaijan and Iran


This development has taken place at a time when the relations between Iran and Azerbaijan are cold. A statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan added, “There have been attempts to threaten our diplomatic personnel in Iran before.” There have been repeated demands on Iran to prevent such situations and ensure the safety of its diplomatic personnel.


There are several reasons for the strained relations between Iran and its northern neighbor Azerbaijan. Azeri are the largest minority in Iran and the Baku government supports this Azeri minority in the border areas. The Azeri minority is often angry with the policies of the Tehran government.


Azerbaijan is also a close ally of Turkey and the Tehran government has several conflicts with Ankara. In addition, Baku relies on Israeli technology for defense equipment, especially drones. Recently, Iranian officials said they were concerned about the Israeli presence in Azerbaijan

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