I am still alive – Pope Francis

I am still alive – Pope Francis


 Eighty-six-year-old Pope Rome completed ten years in his current role in March. Pope Francis’ failing health has fueled speculation that he may retire.


Pope Francis returned home on Saturday after spending three days in a hospital with a respiratory infection.


According to news agencies, Pope Francis was being treated at the Gameli University Hospital in Rome. The 86-year-old pontiff joked to well-wishers and reporters waiting outside that he was “still alive” as he returned to the Vatican to prepare for Easter Sunday. But the doctors said that he responded well to the antibiotic treatment.


Ready for Easter celebrations

Vatican spokesman Matthew Bruni had already confirmed that the pope would take part in a Palm Sunday service later this week, which marks the official start of Holy Week, or Holy Week, at Easter. The celebrations and rituals of Holy Week – the most important period for the Christian faith – can be exhausting, and the pope’s visit to the hospital is the latest in a string of illnesses since Francis marked his 10-year anniversary as pope in March. It was celebrated. Last year knee problems prevented him from participating fully in some of the Easter events


 Racha and other cardinals celebrated the Mass. Giovanni Battista Re, dean of the College of Cardinals, has said he will assist the pope during this year’s celebrations. Health problems, including colon surgery last year, have fueled speculation that the pope may follow his predecessor in retirement rather than remain in office for life.

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