Germany’s decision to supply tanks to Ukraine

Germany’s decision to supply tanks to Ukraine

In the context of the ‘endless pressure’ of the allies, the Berlin government has decided to provide ‘Leopard Two’ tanks to Ukraine after close consultation with the US. The Moscow government has expressed its anger on this decision
Germany has decided to supply ‘Leopard Two’ tanks to Ukraine and at the same time, other countries have also been allowed to supply these German-made tanks to Ukraine. Government spokesman Stephen Hebeshteright announced this on Wednesday, January 25. Initially 14 ‘Leopard Two’ tanks will be supplied. The German government will also provide other weapons and military equipment to Ukraine and the training of Ukrainian soldiers in Germany will also start soon.


Germany is under considerable pressure from other Western allies to do so. German Chancellor Olaf Schulz has said that Germany continues to consult with its allies and the decision has been made as a result of this consultation. Chancellor Sholes has already been saying that any decision in this regard will be made after dialogue and consultation with the allies, especially the United States. The Berlin government wants the US to also announce its tanks so that Germany does not have to face the Russian reaction alone.

Russia reacts strongly
The Moscow government has expressed great anger at this decision and said, “Western tanks will burn to ashes in Ukraine.” The spokesman of the Kremlin has described this decision of the United States and Germany as “a disastrous plan”. According to him, defense experts know the technical aspects of this decision and understand how flawed it is.

Dmitry Peskov further said that the Western countries are wrongly assuming that the supply of tanks will significantly increase the capacity of the Ukrainian army, “These tanks will burn to ashes like other tanks.” The difference is that they are quite expensive and will be borne by European taxpayers

Acceptance of decision at internal level

This decision is being appreciated at the internal level in the three-party coalition German government. Chancellor Scholes is also addressing the Parliament on Wednesday, in which he will inform more about this. “The leopard is free,” said Green Party lawmaker Katrin Göring-Eckart.

Free Democratic Party member Mary Agnes Streck-Zimmerman, who also chairs the parliamentary committee on defence, said the news was a “sense of relief”.

On the other hand, two small parties have also criticized this government decision. The far-right Alternative for Germany party called the decision “dangerous and irresponsible”.

The left-wing Left Party has also said that this may intensify the Ukrainian war

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