Germany, Iran order to expel each other’s diplomats

Germany, Iran order to expel each other’s diplomats


Iran has ordered the deportation of two German diplomats posted there. Before this retaliation by the Tehran government, last week Germany also ordered two Iranian diplomats posted there to leave the country.

According to reports received from Tehran on Wednesday, March 1, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasir Kanani said that the German government ordered the deportation of the two German diplomats for “interference in Iran’s internal and judicial affairs.” given later.


 Before this action taken as a revenge for the exchange, two Iranian diplomats left Germany after the Berlin government sentenced a German citizen of Iranian origin to death by the country’s judiciary just a few days ago. I was told to go. Before his arrest in Dubai, the name of this Iranian-German resident in the United States is Jamshed Sharmahid.


On the occasion of the decision to expel Iranian diplomats, German Chancellor Olaf Schulz said, “The Iranian government is fighting against its own people in every possible way and does not respect human rights in any way.”

Jamshed Sharmahid is currently 67 years old and was sentenced to death by the Iranian judiciary for his alleged role in the 2008 bombing of a mosque in the southern Iranian city of Shiraz. 14 people were killed and around 300 were injured in this bomb attack.


After Sharmehed was sentenced to death, his family not only denied all the charges against him, but also demanded that the Berlin government take immediate action to save the German citizen’s life. Make productive efforts.


Iran does not recognize dual citizenship of its citizens. The country’s judiciary found Jamshed Sharmahid guilty and said he had allegedly planned 23 ‘terrorist’ attacks in Iran, five of which he allegedly succeeded in carrying out.


At least 17 citizens, most of whom hold dual citizenship, including Jamshed Sharmahid from Western countries, are being held in Iranian jails on various charges.

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