Germany has hundreds of evidence of war crimes in Ukraine

Germany has hundreds of evidence of war crimes in Ukraine


A German newspaper says that German investigators have received indications of 337 cases of war crimes committed by the Russian military in the past 14 months of fighting in Ukraine.


According to the German newspaper Welt im Sonntag, Germany’s federal anti-crime police BKA has received three hundred and thirty-seven tips related to war crimes in Ukraine. Referring to government statistics, the German newspaper said that the investigators from February 2022 to April this year. Ninety eyewitnesses have been interviewed about the war crimes committed by the Russian army in Ukraine until mid-2018. are currently in Ukraine. This information was provided by the government in response to a question asked in parliament by conservative politician Gunter Kreins.


Berlin is providing forensic assistance to Kiev

According to Welt im Sonntag, Germany’s anti-crime police, which is similar to the FBI in America, has provided forensic support to Ukrainian investigators to help investigate war crimes.


According to the newspaper, the German government has given Ukraine items that help gather evidence and documents related to war crimes. The Berlin government has provided vehicles and other useful resources to Ukraine, with a total value of eleven and a half million euros.


German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann told the German newspaper Welt im Sonntag, “Anyone like Putin who starts a bloody war must be questioned in court.” Especially in the International Criminal Court.


“This should apply not only to Putin, but to everyone involved in heinous crimes on Ukrainian soil,” he added.


Crime in Ukraine and investigation in Germany

German Prosecutor General Peter Frank launched a war crimes investigation after the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February last year. According to German law, crimes against humanity and war crimes can be investigated anywhere in the world and even if they are not related to Germany.

According to the prosecutor, his initial focus is on the massacre by the Russian army in the Ukrainian city of Bucha. It is being said that 14 hundred people were killed by the Russian army in this city, 25 km from Ukraine. These bodies were discovered after the Russian army left the city

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