German Senior Citizens’ Complaints to Lawmakers

German Senior Citizens’ Complaints to Lawmakers

German lawmakers do not pay enough attention to the needs and interests of the over-65 population, according to a survey conducted for the German newspaper Bild im Zontak.
A survey conducted for the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag found that the majority of senior citizens in Germany feel that German lawmakers do not pay enough attention to the interests and needs of citizens over the age of 65.

In this survey, the opinions of 1,202 German citizens over the age of 65 were taken. He was asked about his attitude towards his life. Only one percent of them believed that their needs and interests were adequately addressed in German political circles.

What do German senior citizens think of themselves?

About 74 percent of older Germans believe that the elderly are not respected in society. More than half of senior citizens strongly criticize behavior by politicians such as focusing on the wrong issues
The survey, conducted for a German daily, also found that four out of 10 senior citizens believe that reaching old age in Germany is not easy. 66 percent want to spend their old age in their own homes.

Half of people prefer to watch government TV channels than private channels. Two-thirds believe that the best German chancellor was Helmut Schmidt, who held the position of German chancellor from 1974 to 1982.

Majority suffer from loneliness

The survey results also found that older Germans feel isolated from wider society due to increased digitalisation. The main reasons for their feeling are that banks are closing down, travel agencies or travel booking agencies are now working online and the practice of ordering restaurant menus etc. through QR codes on smartphones. It has become common. All these digital developments are taking the elderly citizens away from the activities of the society. These senior citizens do not have access to modern technology
A survey of older adults about their feelings found that 23 percent of older Germans surveyed feel lonely at times, while 6 percent say they do. Most people feel lonely.

A survey by the newspaper Bild am Zontak also found that more than a third of the elderly believe that their income is not enough to lead a good life. About 36 percent of elderly people in Germany have a monthly household income of less than 2,000 euros

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