German humanitarian aid to Afghanistan has also been suspended

German humanitarian aid to Afghanistan has also been suspended


By journalist Mufti Zia Qasmi from India

Like many other countries, German NGOs have also stopped humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. This was done after the Afghan Taliban banned women from working for these organizations

The Taliban government, which came back to power in Kabul in August last year, announced last weekend that women workers of non-governmental organizations or NGOs working on aid projects in Afghanistan will no longer work for these organizations. will be able to


 United Nations: Taliban condemns restrictions on women

After this announcement of December 24, many international NGOs of Western countries decided to stop their activities in Afghanistan. These organizations say that for them to continue their activities in the devastated country of Afghanistan, it is necessary that their women workers continue to perform their relief duties in the future.

In this regard, now German NGOs have also opposed that they have decided to stop the humanitarian aid in this state. Not only this, but the German government is also planning to suspend its humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

It is impossible to continue working.

 The ban imposed by the Taliban administration in Kabul on women workers of foreign NGOs is still being severely criticized at the international level.

The German Federal Minister for Development Aid, Sweeney Schulze, said in a statement issued on Wednesday, December 28, “By banning the recruitment and employment of women workers by non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan, the Taliban gave the Afghan people The aid that is going has been severely damaged.

Apparently, its wisdom is not known, but it is hoped that soon things will come out that what are the hidden motives behind this decision of the Taliban

According to Sonia Schulse, “NGOs cannot continue their work for half of Afghanistan’s population in many areas because of the ban on their female workers.”

But let us tell you all that at this time the Afghan people are in dire need of your support and help.

However, Federal German Minister for Development Assistance Schulze has said that the situation created after the ban imposed by the Taliban is completely new.

 He said that his ministry and the World Bank will jointly invite the partners of the trust fund established for the reconstruction of Afghanistan to consider how the relief efforts for Afghanistan can be linked to this new situation. How can I be added?

Also condemned by the German Foreign Minister

German Foreign Minister Annalina Bierbock has also strongly condemned the ban on women workers of foreign NGOs in Afghanistan. “We will not accept that the Taliban use humanitarian aid as a chess piece in their efforts to humiliate and humiliate Afghan women,” he wrote in a tweet.

According to Annalina Bierbock, “The Taliban are not only defying the basic principles of humanitarian aid by jeopardizing essential humanitarian care and care that is essential to survival, but they are killing half of Afghanistan’s population.” And basic rights are also being taken away.

  •  The agency acting as a liaison between agencies engaged in Afghan relief and development is ACBAR, a common platform representing 183 local and international aid groups and organizations.

According to the agency, many of its member aid groups and organizations have suspended their activities in the country following the Taliban’s ban on women workers.

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