Former female MP killed in Afghanistan

Former female MP killed in Afghanistan


Former Afghan Member of Parliament has been shot dead by unknown assailants. It has been reported that this armed action was carried out in his house


According to the police, in this incident that happened in Kabul on Sunday, Mursal Nabizada and his guard died on the spot while his brother was injured and transferred to the hospital.



According to a statement issued by the police, “Security forces have launched a serious investigation to find those involved in this crime.”


It is important that Nabizada was a member of parliament until the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan in 2021 and the Taliban took power. She was elected as a member of the lower house from Kabul in 2018.


At the time of taking over Kabul, the Taliban claimed that peace would be established in Afghanistan under their rule, but in recent months, the security situation in Afghanistan has been constantly changing. Last week, dozens of people were killed or injured in a major terrorist attack on the main building of the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kabul. The responsibility of this attack was accepted by the terrorist organization Daesh

Also in December, a suicide attack on a Hizb-e-Islami office on the outskirts of Kabul killed one person while the party’s leader and former Afghan prime minister Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was inside the building. were present

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