Explosion killed 10 new year in Kabul. 8 injured investigation

Explosion killed 10 new year in Kabul. 8 injured investigation

10 killed in New Year explosion in Kabul

8 injured, investigation underway

Kabul: The incident in Afghanistan took place on Sunday at a time when the world was celebrating the New Year. According to preliminary information, several people were injured or killed as a result of the explosion, according to the Ministry of Interior. are However, the exact number of casualties is not yet clear. This explosion took place at a sensitive location in the Afghan capital, Kabul, which is not far from the Kabul International Airport. It has been stated by the Taliban that they are trying to find out the facts about this explosion. According to the report of Al Jazeera, Afghan sources say that 10 people were killed in the terrible bomb explosion at the entrance of Kabul Airport this morning. Killed and 8 injured. Taliban administration says the area has been sealed off and no one is allowed to go there. So far, no group has claimed responsibility for this explosion, however, the terrorist group Daesh has been claiming responsibility for most of the terrorist explosions in the past. A large-scale fire broke out near the Ministry of Interior. The spokesman of the Ministry of Interior told reporters in Kabul on Sunday, there was an explosion at the military airport in Kabul this morning. Because of this, many people have been martyred and injured.” He said that the reasons for this explosion can be determined only after the investigation is completed. People living near this area told the media that on Sunday morning, about A loud explosion was heard at eight o’clock, after which the security forces cordoned off the sensitive area. According to a resident, the explosion was so intense that the windows of several nearby houses were also broken. It is not yet clear whether the explosion was an accident or an attack by a militant group. After the Taliban took over Afghanistan in August 2021. For some time the situation improved there and the attacks also decreased. Recently, however, an increase in violent incidents has been noted in Afghanistan. The ‘Islamic State of Khorasan’ is blamed for such attacks in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. The group, which claims to be affiliated with the terrorist organization ISIS, has claimed responsibility for several violent attacks in the past

Interesting information about Afghanistan

After gaining independence, Afghanistan has faced many challenges and is still doing so today, but let us tell you that despite all these sufferings, they are progressing every day.

*‹‹Islamic Empire»* (Afghanistan) State system of about sixteen 16 months *and comparison with governments around the world*.

 The Muslims of Afghanistan who defeated the three major satanic powers and systems of the world. The present government of the people who have been making sacrifices for a long time also has a prominent position.

1. Praise be to Allah, there is a Shariah Amir al-Mu’minin with authority in the *Islamic Emirate*, this is a fard kifaya which was fulfilled by a few zealous people.

2. There is no law against Islamic teachings, nor can there be a protest against it, because there is no shame in questioning anyone.

3. Very soon all traditional taxes will be abolished, God willing.

4. Alhamdulillah, then Alhamdulillah, the usury system is completely closed.

5. The most affordable court system is established.

6. There is protection from mixed education of indecency, own system of education, training, selection of teachers.

7. No state or organization has any debt on them, their resources are spent on their own people and the people are fully cooperating.

8. All budgets are independent in legislation, proper use of limited resources, extreme simplicity of authorities is the easiest way.

9. Skilled people are highly valued and their products are rewarded, their own ships, their own vehicles, their own weapons are being manufactured.

10. The reins of the media are kept right, there is a ban on any news and view against the collective interests of the country and the nation


11. All the goods of the country are for public service, there is no class division.

12. False religions are bound by their own sphere, completely free in their religious affairs.

13. All kinds of commercial developments are going on, new industries are being set up, dams, canals, roads are being worked on every day.

14. Despite the total or partial opposition of the whole world, all the services to their people are being done, and a large section of government officials are doing all the work without pay or very low pay.

15. Most women’s chastity is safe, relationships have become easier, rituals are being restricted.

16. Most peace and order is established, roads, houses, institutions are safe.

18. Consumables are cheap, quite cheap compared to many countries of the world.

19. There is a quick and cheap judicial system, cases are tried to be settled by the family, the neighborhood and the family.

20. There is the best environment for religious and worldly education, the general atmosphere of mosques, schools, madrasas, modern educational institutions are being established.

21. Tourism has a peaceful and very healthy atmosphere.

22. Falsehood is the most feared.

23 Majority of the people learn weapons etc., horse riding, archery, shooting etc. healthy sports are being promoted.

24. It is the cheapest and easiest system of treatment.

25. Government ministers have the trust and respect of the people.

26. Shariah limits are in force, there is no recommendation on the crimes of alcohol, adultery, theft, murder, slander, etc., with the cooperation of both the government and the people, the evils are decreasing.

27. Rulers are the most dignified in world politics and humble among their people.

28. There is no room for nationalism and linguistics.

29. Scholars and elders have confidence in the government.

30. The world is the most satisfying state for Islam and humanity.

31. All kinds of intoxicating and harmful substances are prohibited.

32. Agriculture is being promoted well.

See: *”The most surprising thing is that the patronage, education and training of all the government institutions are being done by people associated with madrasahs, mosques, monasteries, which is a big headache for the false system.” Dated 6th Jumada 1444 AH 30 December 2022 Solar.

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Journalist Mufti Md Ziya Qasmi

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