Covid started wreaking havoc again December 2022

Covid started wreaking havoc again December 2022

The resurgence of covid-19 from various media reports that the situation in China is unusual, but we want to inform you of an interesting fact that it has become clear that covid is a biological synthetic weapon and it is being used to destroy humanity. being used for And until they get complete success in their evil plans, the enemies of humanity will continue to use it equally for genocide. They are working on Agenda 2030 which so far has been incomplete and unsuccessful according to their plans.

Climate change. Artificial earthquakes. Artificial rain.

In the name of floods, storms and other earthly and heavenly calamities, the system of the universe is constantly being tampered with. The aim and desired end of all of these is the end of humanity or the end of the causes and means on which human life revolves and to make humanity weak and helpless in front of its coming Messiah and God.

To destroy the Earth’s population, destroy the economy, prevent riots, and instill fear and terror in humans in order to control them.

However, these satanic and antichrist powers will continue to do their work. And nature has given them the freedom to do so. But without being a spectator, we have to act wisely and continue to strive for the protection of our lives, property and faith by adopting all possible precautions and means. By avoiding all kinds of synthetic drugs and nutrition without being satisfied with prayers and charity, one should worry about making his immune system stronger and stronger so that he can fight against these types of external deadly germs. It is possible that all of these are being spread by chemtrails (aerial spraying of toxic substances) and by 5G towers. About which we have already informed two years ago. Lack of oxygen and lung diseases and other disorders are common in such situations. But the highest and best plan is to have complete faith in the master of life and death and remove fear and dread from the heart. Don’t let the lack of courage and cowardice get close to you and most importantly, stop watching TV news or you will be dead before you die. Death is true, everyone has to come but live with courage and conviction. You have to live and pray for the end of faith and adopt means and actions. As a precautionary measure, make it a routine to use various home remedies and prescriptions and take special care of the health of the elderly and children.

Let us tell you that President Xi’s resignation was demanded in extraordinary protests against the ‘Zero Covid Policy’ in China.

Protests against strict Covid restrictions have intensified in China, with some venting their anger against Communist Party leaders.

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in Shanghai, where the BBC saw police herding protesters into cars.

Meanwhile, students staged demonstrations at universities in Beijing and Nanjing.

The latest demonstration in this regard took place in the northwestern city of Urumqi, where ten people died due to a fire in a building and people attributed their deaths to the lockdown restrictions.

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