Conference in Delhi India for Global Peace Mission

Many international personalities are expected to arrive at the two-day peace conference in Delhi organized by the Global Peace Mission Movement, special meetings of the heads of various organizations with Sheikh Dr.

New Delhi: The entire world can be made the cradle of peace and security only with the message of peace. There is no doubt that a healthy society can be built only through peace, brotherhood and mutual respect. But at present, various arrangements are being made all over the world. Among them, the Global Peace Mission Movement is a platform of the global level, under the auspices of which peace conferences have been organized in different countries for the past several years.


 These days, a 20-member delegation of the Global Peace Movement is present in India, which organized a peace conference in Delhi on December 22 and 23 this year under the guidance of Dr. Sheikh Ismail HJ Qasim, the world-renowned peace ambassador and founder and president of the World Martyrs Council. Busy in preparation


It should be noted that various annual conferences organized by the Global Peace Mission have been organized in many countries of the world, including the International Peace Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 7-7-2017, and the International Peace Conference in Batam, Indonesia on 18-12-18. 9-19 International Peace Conference, London UK, 20-12-20 International Peace Conference, Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, 21-12-21 International Peace Conference, Bangui, Malaysia etc. While this year’s conference is going to be held in Delhi, the capital of India. In which about 200 delegates including VIPs, ambassadors of foreign embassies, ambassadors of international peace, scholars belonging to different religions, ministers, intellectual bureaucrats have been invited. Also on 22-12-22 and 23- For the conference in Delhi on 12-22 by the Mission via Zoom and in person


 Religious scholars, lawyers, intellectuals, jurists, teachers, students are also welcome to participate.

It should be noted that the main objective of this event is to spread the message of peace and mercy through interfaith dialogue, which plays an important role in maintaining peace and harmony in a multicultural society. It has the support of many social voluntary organizations working in India, including Interfaith Harmony Foundation of India.

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