Chinese President’s conversation with Saudi Crown Prince

Chinese President’s conversation with Saudi Crown Prince


Chinese President Xi Jinping held a telephone conversation with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on a number of topics, including the recent agreement to restore relations with Iran.

Chinese President Xi Jinping helped restore diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia. A historic agreement was reached between the two regional rivals under the Chinese mediation, under which Iran and Saudi Arabia will not only open their respective embassies, but also have high-level contacts between the two countries in recent days. This agreement is also being seen in the context of China’s growing influence in the Middle East.


Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is also the current prime minister of Saudi Arabia, welcomed Chinese efforts to improve relations between the neighboring countries. The two leaders emphasized the importance of strategic ties in the talks and agreed to further strengthen them. It is important to note that China is an important trading partner of the Gulf countries.


Xi said that the two countries are firmly committed to cooperation on issues related to each other’s interests. According to Saudi media, Xi also agreed to contribute more to peace, stability and development in the region.


It is important that this week Saudi Arabia announced an increase in investment of several billion dollars in China. Since Xi Jinping’s visit to Saudi Arabia in December, Saudi Arabia has signed two major economic deals with China.


Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states have been worried about the US backing away from its security guarantor in the region. In this situation, the Gulf countries are looking for other partner countries in the national security and economic sector.


On the other hand, the foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and Iran have announced a meeting in the month of Ramadan. The foreign ministers of the two countries have had two telephonic contacts in recent days

In 2016, Saudi Arabia closed its embassy in Tehran after rioters attacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran, while the Iranian ambassador was expelled from Riyadh. Meanwhile, the tension between the two countries was at its peak. Saudi Arabia blamed Iran for the missile and drone attack on one of its main oil refineries, while the Riyadh government has also blamed Tehran for the attack on oil ships in the Gulf. Iran, however, has been denying all these allegations

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