China can bring Russia to consciousness, French President Macron is hopeful

China can bring Russia to consciousness, French President Macron is hopeful


 President Makar, who has gone on a visit to China, is trying to force Beijing to establish peace in Ukraine by putting pressure on Moscow. The French president told his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping that he hoped China could “bring Russia to its senses”.

 French President Emmanuel Macron is currently on a three-day official visit to China with European Union Commission President Ursula van der Leyen. As an ally, convince Moscow of the urgent need to end the war in Ukraine and establish peace there.


 The Russian-Ukrainian war, which began with a military intervention by Moscow, is now in its 14th month, but China has not once condemned Moscow for its military intervention.


 The two presidents met separately

 In the meeting between President Macron and Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Thursday, April 6, the French head of state addressed his Chinese counterpart and said, “I know that I have this hope from you about this. Can you bring Russia to its senses and get everyone to the negotiating table (to end the Ukraine war)?

Later, the Chinese president, in his response, praised the close ties between China and France, saying that these bilateral ties become even more important at a time when the world is going through “historic changes of profound impact”.


 The French president spoke of Russia being ‘brought to its senses’ by China in the wake of the Ukrainian war, he said at a summit meeting between the two leaders today.


 The meeting was followed by a separate trilateral meeting, which was attended by Macron, Xi Jinping and EU Commission President van der Leyen. The same was expected with regard to this tripartite summit, in which the president of the European Commission would also ask the Chinese president to use his influence on Moscow to end the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

 China supports peace talks but avoids condemning Russia

 China, which has so far refrained from condemning Moscow for its military intervention in Ukraine, has repeatedly said that the war should be ended peacefully and through negotiations.


 Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Russia just last month, during which he had detailed talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. After the talks, the two presidents praised the ‘close relationship’ between Beijing and Moscow.


 Contrary to this behavior with Russia, the Chinese president has not spoken with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky even once on the phone since the beginning of this war in late February last year.


 Ukrainian President Zelensky wants Ukraine to have close relations with China and has recently invited Chinese President Xi Jinping to visit Kiev, which has not yet yielded any results.

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