Chad expels German ambassador for ‘obscene behaviour’

Chad expels German ambassador for ‘obscene behaviour’



 The government of the African country of Chad has ordered the German ambassador to leave the country within forty-eight hours. According to Chad, the decision was made because of the German ambassador’s “insolent behavior and lack of respect for diplomatic etiquette”.



 Gordon Kerke has been stationed in the country since 2021 and was ordered to be deported by the Chadian government on Friday. Chad’s Ministry of Information has released a brief statement on Twitter and refrained from giving the reasons for the German ambassador’s deportation.


 According to the German Foreign Office, the reasons for the ambassador’s expulsion are unclear, but high-level officials are in contact with the government in Chad. “The reasons given by the Chadian government for declaring our ambassador in the capital N’Djamena an uncivilized person are completely incomprehensible,” a German foreign office spokesman told DW. ‘


 Concerns about democracy in Chad


 A Chadian government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told French news agency AFP that Kryke had been deported for “making too many intrusive and divisive statements.” The official added that the German ambassador had been warned on several occasions

Another source said Ambassador Gordon Crickey had criticized the delay in holding the elections. It should be remembered that in Chad last year, the military seized power in a coup and there was an indication of holding elections in eighteen months.


 Since April 2021, an interim military government has been established in this country and the country’s president is Muhammad Idris Debi. He had initially promised to hold fresh elections and hand over power to a new government by October last year, but has since extended the deadline by another two years.


 The government has suppressed the opposition protests by force. Not only Germany, but the embassies of France, Spain and the Netherlands also expressed concern over the delay in the elections

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