Celebration in Iranian Kurdistan after defeating ‘enemy’ USA in FIFA Football World Cup

Iran crashed out of the FIFA World Cup after Tuesday’s loss to the United States, while its arch-rivals advanced to the next round. After Iran’s defeat to the US, fireworks and celebrations were held in the Iranian Kurdistan province.

According to videos posted on social media, celebrations were held in the Iranian province of Kurdistan after Iran’s defeat by the United States in a FIFA World Cup match in Qatar on Tuesday. In a neighborhood of Sanandaj city, there was joy and chants and sounds of horns. People came out of their houses and set off fireworks.


It should be noted that the 22-year-old woman Mahsa Amini was a Kurd who died in the custody of the Moral Police last September. Since then, there have been nationwide protests against the Islamic government, and the strongest of these are in the Iranian Kurdistan province.


The streaming service of the ongoing football World Cup in Qatar has been blocked in Saudi Arabia


The United States defeated Iran by one goal to zero in a soccer World Cup match played on Tuesday. Christian Pulisic scored for the USA in the first half, which Iran could not equalize until the end. With this victory, the US advanced to the next round. Diplomatic relations between the two countries have been severed for four decades.


Celebrations in different cities of Iranian Kurdistan


 London-based website Iran Wire said on Twitter that residents of Saqqez celebrated and set off fireworks after the first US goal against Iran’s soccer tea


 He also shared a video in which fireworks can be seen and cheers are heard in the background.  News agency AFP could not immediately confirm the conten


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 In another video by Kurdish activist Kawah Qureshi, a neighborhood in Sanandaj city can be seen shouting and honking when the US scored its only goa


 According to videos shared online, after Iran’s defeat, fireworks were also set off in Mahabad, another city in Kurdistan.


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 Norway-based human rights group Hengo says motorcyclists in Mahabad celebrated the American victory by honking their horn


 He said in his statement that fireworks lit up the sky in Marivan, another city of Kurdistan province, where the security forces have started strong operations against the protester


 The statement added that fireworks and celebrations were also heard in the cities of Pawah and Sirpul Zahab in Kermanshah provinc

Iranian football team in double pressure


 Due to the anti-government protests in Iran, the Iranian team faced double pressure from the government and the public, while some Iranians supported the opposition teams.


 Iranian sports journalist Saeed Zafrani tweeted “Would anyone have thought I would celebrate an American goal with a three meter jump?”


 Podcaster Elahi Khosravi also tweeted, “This is what you get when you play in the middle. They lost to the people, the opposition, and even the ‘government’.”


 “They lost both on and off the field,” tweeted Amir Abtehaj, a journalist based in Iran.


 “And the Islamic Republic football team’s circus is over,” tweeted former journalist Hamid Jafari. He cited videos showing security forces on the streets celebrating Iran’s victory over Wales.


 Jafri added, “No longer will news of atrocities be hidden behind the victory or defeat of the security forces’ favorite team.”


 Meanwhile, the Oslo-based group Iran Human Rights says that Iranian security forces have killed at least 448 people, including women and children, during a crackdown on protests that have lasted more than two months.


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