One billion young people fear hearing loss, research

One billion young people fear hearing loss, research

A recent study has shown that the unsafe use of various audio devices by young people around the world can adversely affect their hearing. The risk of hearing loss depends on the loudness, duration and vibration of the noise

According to a recent research, almost a quarter of the world around the world is listed on the higher level of advanced level, which is a risk of being deaf. The writer of the Datocart Falo and the research study in the Academic University of South Carolina, said, “Our study shows that in addition to the binding of more than one billion people youth can be a dangerous delivery of a continuous hearing.” He added, “The loss is not due to the noise due to noise, and the need to implement the strategy due to noise due to noise.

This study was published in BMJ Global Health was an organized review and meta analysis. Its employees reviewed 33 studies about noise exhibition and non-safe listening, which included more than 19,000 people from the age of 18th. “We appreciate the unusual hearing of the sound and noise period.” Anyone who published a wide range of headaches with headphones or airphesses can be threatened to people. “This study estimated that 24% adult youth had to face noise noise than personal appliances like smartphones and laptops. He also estimated that 48% of 12 to 34 years old people faced noise-safe novel at music places. The scope of studying spread to the global population was estimated that the risk of hearing problems with the base of hearing more than one billion people around the world is to be aware of hearing problems.

Although the study of Focus youth was on the risks of hearing, however, research shows that people of every age have the risk of loss of their hearing habits. The risk of hearing loss depends on the noise, the period and the debt. A research has explained that people of an age-old age use a half-hour heads of a half-hour heads, while thirty-five-year-old people have been in the week of five years and fourth of the head of the headphones in the people of Elephant’s five-year-old and two minutes in the week of age. People often listen to audio to 105CCC on devices and the average average level of sound at entertainment places is up to 104 to 122CCC. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, it is more than a safe surface to listen to noise sounds on these levels for ten to 15 minutes.

Statistics show that the risk of damage to the hearing around the world is too high. Nevertheless, Lauren Deldard emphasized that during the time of the noise sounds, there are more risks due to the overall effect of noise, he said, “It is important to prefer the savings of hearing for every age, but it is especially important to reduce the loss of hearing in the beginning of life so that it can not spread and even more worsened as well.

From the 1950s, people are worried about the effect of music in high sound. So what’s the difference now? What are the equipment and concerts are already loud? According to Deldeard, it is not so that music has increased high, but only the time of audio devices and their hearing has increased. He said, “Smartphones are now very common in the world, which means more and more people can face music in music.” Hair Australia’s principal auditologist Karen Harzhonan highlighted how the technology and the work of work-life is affecting the habits of the life of the life. He said that DW said, “The sound devices are being popular in the community during the previous decade.” The increase in the housework from the house has also possibly play an important role in the high rate of headphones

Due to the noise, the loss of hearing is permanent and experts hearing have been warned that today’s habits of hearing are serious effects on global health. “Has the efforts to prevent its prevention before the hearing of the years,” Harashuzan said, “Keep the sound down on the different levels of different levels by sterilization. Put your ears to be windy and windows from the sources of sharp sounds in the noise. Limit the time in the noise activities. Take short breaks away from sharp sounds and limit the daily use of personal listening devices. Monitor the level of listening by using apps with your built-in secure listening features or sound monitoring. Check your hearing. If you do not access any professional voice expert, then you use other verified hearing apps including Harwidw H.

According to DW news, the streaming service of the ongoing FIFA Football World Cup in Qatar has been blocked in Saudi Arabia

  1. According to DW news, the streaming service of the ongoing FIFA Football World Cup in Qatar has been blocked in Saudi Arabia

According to users, it seems that the official streaming platform of the World Cup has been blocked in Saudi Arabia without any explanation.


The platform, Todd TV, owned by Qatari broadcaster beIN Media Group, was banned in Saudi Arabia for several years during the conflict between the two countries, but was reinstated in October 2021.

“Due to matters beyond our control, we are experiencing an outage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is currently the official streaming partner of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, TOD,” beIN said in a message to partners and subscribers. affecting tv. Additional information will be provided as soon as possible.”


Meanwhile, the Saudi government did not respond to a request for comment on the disruption to the World Cup’s official streaming platform, while BN declined to comment.


Tod TV is the official World Cup streaming service in 24 countries across the Middle East and North Africa


Consumer complaints

Several users in Saudi Arabia told AFP today (Saturday, November 26) that they have been unable to access the service since the start of the World Cup on November 20. One said the service went down completely about an hour before the inauguration ceremony aired.


Another user said that the service still does not continue to broadcast for short duration ie more than ten minutes. The “error message” that appears in the meantime appears to read, “Sorry: The requested page is in violation of Ministry of Media regulations.”


“I want my money back,” said one subscriber. It costs about 300 Saudi Riyals (about $80) per month. I have been trying to get my money back for several months now without success


beIN is broadcasting 22 World Cup matches in Saudi Arabia for free, including an opportunity to watch the Saudi Green Falcons perform. The Saudi football team stunned the world last Tuesday by defeating Argentina by two goals to one and the Saudi football team will face Poland this Saturday afternoon.


Saudi crown prince’s disagreement with Qatar


Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, 37-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, launched a regional boycott of Qatar in June 2017. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut ties with Doha over accusations that it supports extremists and is too close to arch-rival Iran.


The beIN media group was banned in Saudi Arabia during MBS’ boycott of Qatar, but Riyadh announced last October that it was lifting the ban. The move paves the way for Riyadh to acquire England’s Newcastle United football club through a Saudi-backed consortium.

Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,

Saudi Arab

FIFA World Cup: 1 Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”, Video Viral

Saudi Arab

Qatar: The video of the beautiful commentary in Arabic during the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia yesterday in the FIFA World Cup has made a splash on social media.

Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,


In the world’s most popular football World Cup in Qatar yesterday, Saudi Arabia won a historic victory by defeating the tournament favorite Argentina in an upset. And users were driven crazy by the commenter’s enthusiasm.

Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,

In this viral video on the social media website Twitter, it can be seen and heard that in the thrilling moments of the match, when the Saudi players dominate Argentina near the goal post, the excitement of the Arabic language commentators is also the movement of the players. decreases with increases.

Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,

At one point, when the football leaves the Saudi player, the excited commentator’s voice becomes muted, but as soon as the ball comes to the Saudi player again, the commentator’s enthusiasm also increases and as soon as the goal is scored. So the commentator humbly repeats the blessed name of Allah, Allah, Allah many times and the stadium echoes with this sound.

Mashallah mashallah


Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,

The commentator’s Arabic commentary on scoring a goal against Argentina has been well received by users, with media around the world making headlines.

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina by two goals in the match played yesterday. The photos of the Saudi players prostrating on the field after the match on this historic victory were also viral, while the photos of the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman watching the match and the photos of prostration in the Bargah Elahi were widely covered in the media.

Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,

For the first time in the 88-year history of the Football World Cup, the Islamic color is prominent in this global sports event. Recitation of the Holy Quran in the opening ceremony, stopping the opening ceremony for prayer, banning the wearing of non-Islamic clothing and alcohol are prominent.

FIFA World Cup 🍵

A woman gave birth to a child in the courtyard of the Prophet’s Masjid E nabavi in Madinah

Masjid E nabavi in Madinah


A woman gave birth to a child in the courtyard of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. According to media reports, the volunteers of the Saudi Red Crescent had a unique experience when a female worshiper went into labor in the courtyard of the mosque and gave birth to a baby.


Ahmed bin Ali Al-Zahrani,

director general of the branch of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, said that volunteer teams and the Haram Ambulance Center arranged for the delivery of the baby in the mosque due to the critical condition of the mother. Al-Zahrani further said that after the check-up of the mother and the newborn, both have been transferred to Bab Jibril Health Center.

He said this case was among the cases that required intensive medical efforts.

Special medical skills are required to handle such cases successfully.