British Prince Harry is the killer of innocent Afghans, Taliban

British Prince Harry is the killer of innocent Afghans, Taliban.

The Taliban said they did not expect Prince Harry to be summoned by the International Court of Justice or condemned by human rights activists despite admitting to killing innocent Afghans, but that these were war crimes and history would remember the atrocities.

Prince Harry, the son of Britain’s King Charles, has admitted in his autobiography ‘Spear’ that he killed 25 people while serving as a helicopter pilot with US coalition forces in Afghanistan because “they were bad people.” ”


Prince Harry referred to the people being killed as chess pieces, writing that he did not think of them as 25 human beings: “Rather, he thought of enemy combatants in war as chess pieces.” are Who were removed from the battlefield. The bad guys were eliminated, before they could kill the good guys.”



The Taliban administration and senior leadership of Afghanistan have severely criticized the British prince for this confession

History will remember these atrocities.


 Anas Haqqani, the senior leader of the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan, addressed British Prince Harry and said that the people he killed in Afghanistan were not chess pieces but human beings.


The Taliban leader wrote, “Mr Harry! Those you killed were not chess pieces, they were human beings. They had families waiting for their return. Many of the killers of Afghans do not have the decency like you to show their conscience and confess their war crimes. The truth is what you have said.

 Anas Haqqani wrote, “Our innocent people were chess pieces for your soldiers and political leaders. Yet, you lost in this “game” of white and black “checkers”.




Haqqani further wrote, “I don’t expect ICC (International Court of Justice) to summon you or human rights activists to condemn you, because in your case they are deaf and blind but hope “These atrocities will be remembered in human history.”


Anas Haqqani said that there was not a single Taliban fighter in the incident Prince Harry mentioned killing 25 Afghans in Helmand: “It makes it very clear that they were all civilians and ordinary people.” ‘



“This is actually a small part of the 20-year war crimes committed by Western military powers in Afghanistan,” he added. This is not a complete picture of the type of crimes they have committed

Afghans will never forget these crimes.


Other Taliban leaders have also criticized Prince Harry and described the killing of Afghans by Western forces as war crimes.


Abdul Qahar Balkhi, the spokesman for the Taliban’s Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, criticized Prince Harry’s confession, saying, “The Western occupation of Afghanistan is indeed a sad chapter in human history, and Prince Harry’s comments are a reflection of the suffering inflicted on Afghans by the occupying forces.” It is a mirror of tragedy, they killed these innocent people without giving any answer.


Afghan government spokesman Bilal Karimi has also criticized Prince Harry’s confession.


“Such crimes are not limited to Harry but every occupying power has a history of committing similar crimes in our country,” he wrote in a tweet.


Eight thousand civilians were killed or injured in Afghanistan this year


He further wrote, “Afghans will never forget these crimes of the occupiers and will continue to fight to protect their religion and country as long as they live.”

Britain declined to comment


The British Ministry of Defense declined to comment on Prince Harry’s statements.


Spokespersons for Britain’s King Charles and Crown William also declined to comment.



Retired Colonel Richard Kemp, a former British military officer, said Prince Harry was wrong to disclose the casualties. This has tarnished their reputation and put their safety at risk because their statement could incite retaliation.

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