British plan to ban boat arrivals

British plan to ban boat arrivals

British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak has announced new legal plans to stop non-Muslim migrants from entering the UK seeking asylum.


The London government revealed in a statement on Tuesday that a new law plan has been drawn up to stop thousands of foreigners seeking asylum entering the UK through irregular and illegal means.


 According to Prime Minister Rishi Sonak, the aim of the plan is to stop the thousands of migrants seeking asylum in the country by reaching the UK coast in small boats. In this regard, among the five key policy priorities of SONAC, the discouraging of small boats reaching the coast via the English Channel has a prominent position. The move by Rishi Sonak’s government comes at a time when the number of illegal immigrants arriving on the UK’s south coast has increased.


Last year, 45,000 migrants reached British shores, with almost 90% of them later submitting their asylum applications.

Who does the new law apply to?


New legislation aimed at curbing illegal immigration by the British government aims to deport all those who board small boats to British shores and later seek asylum. Will try to give applications. Such migrants will be deported to any third but safe country. An article by Prime Minister Rishi Sonak on this topic was published in the British newspaper ‘The Sun’ on Tuesday. Rishi Sonak wrote, “Migrants arriving in Britain by small boats do not actually come directly from a war-torn country, nor do they pose any serious threats to their lives. Such migrants arrive in the UK only after passing through some safe European country before crossing the English Channel.


Rishi Sonak added, “The fact that these migrants can do this alone is a kind of injustice to them, who arrive in the UK through legal means.” But now it is enough. This new law will be a clear signal to all such persons. If you enter the UK illegally, you will be deported as soon as possible

A major topic in British politics


According to the results of a survey conducted last November by YouGov, an online portal that conducts public opinion surveys, the issue of immigration control is the third most important problem facing the government in the UK. 87% of the people who participated in this survey said that the government is dealing with this problem very badly.


In 2022, the number of asylum applications granted in the UK was about 75 thousand, which is the highest annual number in the last 20 years. This number, however, was still lower than the average number among EU member states. In Germany, the most populous country in the European Union, 240,000 asylum applications were submitted by immigrants last year.

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