Another masterpiece in the world of German technology, now human babies will also be born from poultry farms

The beginning of the attempt to produce human children in the laboratory like chickens in poultry – the claim of German biotechnologist Hashim Al-Gheili to develop an artificial uterus.

Hashem Al-Gheili, a science communicator and video producer from Germany, has launched EctoLife, a concept for an artificial womb facility that can support 30,000 laboratory-born babies each year. According to Hashem, this The facility could help infertile couples conceive and reverse population decline.

    Introducing EctoLife, the world’s first artificial womb facility, powered entirely by renewable energy

EctoLife allows an infertile couple to conceive a child and become the true biological parents of their offspring.

They claimed that it was an excellent solution for women who had a uterus but had it removed due to cancer.

EctoLife is designed to help countries with severe population declines including Japan, Bulgaria, South Korea and many others.

The facility has 75 highly equipped labs. Each state-of-the-art lab can accommodate up to 400 growth pods, or artificial uteruses. Each pod is designed to mimic the exact conditions inside a mother’s uterus.

Hashim claims that in the same way that chickens are produced in poultry farms, human babies will be produced in the laboratory through artificial wombs. He says that the day is very close to making these assumptions come true. Biotechnologist Hashim Al Ghaili has made a video related to this. According to the video, the fetuses are raised in an oval transparent glass box (birthing pad). In vitro fertilization method is used for this. In fact, all the facilities of the mother’s womb are arranged in it. Provides nutrients and oxygen

About 75 laboratories have boxes of 400. These boxes also have artificial intelligence based sensors. With the help of these sensors, the heart rate, temperature and oxygen level of the baby in the box can be detected. With the help of a camera installed in it, genetic problems in pregnancy can be detected and controlled. From time to time you can see the development of the pregnancy. Parents are connected through the app to monitor the child’s progress. To push the baby out, press the button on the birthing pad and take it in your hand. This video was made by Hashim for ‘Active Life Artificial Womb Facility’.

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