Another Chinese ‘spy balloon’ spotted near Latin America

Another Chinese ‘spy balloon’ spotted near Latin America


A second spy balloon has been spotted near Latin America after the US Secretary of State postponed his visit to Beijing due to the sighting of a Chinese ‘spy balloon’. China claims that these balloons are being used for scientific purposes


A second Chinese balloon was spotted at high altitude near Latin America, the Pentagon said on Friday.


“Now we’re seeing another Chinese balloon flying over Latin America,” Pentagon spokesman Pete Ryder said. Now we can guess that it is a Chinese spy balloon.”


He refused to divulge further details and did not even mention the location where the balloon was spotted

This second balloon was seen after a statement of American officials, in which he had reported the presence of Chinese “Spy Balloon” above sensitive places in Montana. After this incident, US Foreign Minister Antony Bulkin, postponed Beijing’s own main visit. Bulkin said that the phone minister of the Foreign Ministry said in the phone call that a balloon is a non-responsible process in the air conditions of the United States. What did China say about balloons? China denied the news about the balloon first said that it was used to get urban sectarian information but “it was astray from its way due to sharp winds and its limited control capacity. China’s statement said that in the statement released by the Foreign Ministry, “China is sorry to enter the United States due to unexpected conditions. Beijing later accused that the politicians and media are taking advantage of the situation to defame the China. Chinese Ministry added to his statement, “China has always respectedly the maintenance of international law and respect the autonomy and regional integrity of all countries.” Some American politicians emphasized Chinese balloons through the US military warning. However, the US military banned it to do so that it can harm from the debris

Statement of timely contact with the US Foreign Minister Antony Bulkin, said that he wanted to maintain diplomatic relations with China and “as soon as the conditions allowed to visit ‘as soon as possible. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi also said on Friday, “Despite unexpected situations, both sides need to be calm and contact time so that they can be avoided by any wrong decision and can remove the differences.” Spy balloon events have already reached a new blow to China’s strictly China station, which were being cold in many years due to many problems.

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