After the famous social media platform Tik Tok is banned in New Zealand

After the famous social media platform Tik Tok is banned in New Zealand after the United States and the United Kingdom


New Zealand is following other Western countries in banning video-sharing app TikTok from lawmakers’ devices on Friday, citing security concerns.

Governments in Canada, Australia, the UK and the US have already banned the use of video sharing app TikTok, owned by Chinese company ByteDance, on government devices due to cyber security concerns. All devices accessing New Zealand’s parliamentary network will now ban TikTok from March 31.


Rafael González Montero, head of New Zealand’s parliamentary services, said the decision was made after consulting cyber security experts.


He said that the people who needed this app to fulfill their democratic responsibilities will be provided with its alternative. This platform can currently be accessed through a web browser.


Cybersecurity services provider CyberCX said the ban was necessary to protect New Zealand’s security, particularly the sensitive information stored on lawmakers’ devices.


 Adam Boileau, executive director of security testing at CyberCX, said, “If TikTok is ordered to serve China’s interests, it poses serious risks to our security. That’s why the government provides This ban on mobile phones is necessary.”


He added, “We have to assess the potential threats from other foreign technologies apart from Tik Tok as soon as possible. The more we are using foreign technologies, the more the threat to our country’s security is increasing.”

Tik Tok was first banned by India


Tik Tok ban started in 2020 when India banned it for the first time.


New Delhi banned the Chinese app after the border clash between India and China, in which several Indian soldiers were killed. India said that it has taken this decision to defend its sovereignty.


US President Donald Trump also banned TikTok in the same year, accusing it of spying for China.


On Thursday, March 16, Britain announced a ban on TikTok in government offices.


Cabinet minister Oliver Dowden said after an examination by UK cyber security experts it was “clear that this could pose a risk to sensitive government data as it could be accessed using certain platforms”. Is.”


US President Joe Biden has also said that TikTok will be banned if it does not separate itself from ByteDance, the company it owns.


ByteDance denies passing on any data to Chinese authorities.


China’s response


China called Britain’s decision to ban TikTok as political.


In response to the British decision, the Chinese Embassy in London said that the decision to ban the use of Tik Tok in official phones in the UK is contrary to the facts.


According to the Chinese Embassy, ​​the decision is an interference in the normal operations of the relevant companies in the UK and such a decision will harm the UK’s own interests.

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