According to DW news, the streaming service of the ongoing FIFA Football World Cup in Qatar has been blocked in Saudi Arabia

  1. According to DW news, the streaming service of the ongoing FIFA Football World Cup in Qatar has been blocked in Saudi Arabia

According to users, it seems that the official streaming platform of the World Cup has been blocked in Saudi Arabia without any explanation.


The platform, Todd TV, owned by Qatari broadcaster beIN Media Group, was banned in Saudi Arabia for several years during the conflict between the two countries, but was reinstated in October 2021.

“Due to matters beyond our control, we are experiencing an outage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is currently the official streaming partner of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, TOD,” beIN said in a message to partners and subscribers. affecting tv. Additional information will be provided as soon as possible.”


Meanwhile, the Saudi government did not respond to a request for comment on the disruption to the World Cup’s official streaming platform, while BN declined to comment.


Tod TV is the official World Cup streaming service in 24 countries across the Middle East and North Africa


Consumer complaints

Several users in Saudi Arabia told AFP today (Saturday, November 26) that they have been unable to access the service since the start of the World Cup on November 20. One said the service went down completely about an hour before the inauguration ceremony aired.


Another user said that the service still does not continue to broadcast for short duration ie more than ten minutes. The “error message” that appears in the meantime appears to read, “Sorry: The requested page is in violation of Ministry of Media regulations.”


“I want my money back,” said one subscriber. It costs about 300 Saudi Riyals (about $80) per month. I have been trying to get my money back for several months now without success


beIN is broadcasting 22 World Cup matches in Saudi Arabia for free, including an opportunity to watch the Saudi Green Falcons perform. The Saudi football team stunned the world last Tuesday by defeating Argentina by two goals to one and the Saudi football team will face Poland this Saturday afternoon.


Saudi crown prince’s disagreement with Qatar


Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, 37-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, launched a regional boycott of Qatar in June 2017. Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt cut ties with Doha over accusations that it supports extremists and is too close to arch-rival Iran.


The beIN media group was banned in Saudi Arabia during MBS’ boycott of Qatar, but Riyadh announced last October that it was lifting the ban. The move paves the way for Riyadh to acquire England’s Newcastle United football club through a Saudi-backed consortium.

Israeli army aggression, death of 4 Palestinians including two brothers

Israeli army aggression, death of 4 Palestinians including two brothers


Gaza Strip: According to the World News Agency, two brothers, 21-year-old Zafar Abdul Rahman and 22-year-old Jawad Abdul Rahman, were brutally shot dead by the occupying Israeli forces in the West Bank area of โ€‹โ€‹Ramallah.


In another incident, the brutal Israeli forces killed Beit Amr. I seriously injured two Palestinian youths by shooting them, who was taken to the hospital, but due to excessive bleeding, the young man could not survive.

In one day, the number of young people who were martyred in the Israeli aggression increased by four. The increasing aggression of the Israeli army can be estimated from the fact that more than 125 Palestinian youth have been martyred so far this year, which is one of the highest since the Israeli occupation in 1967.

This is the highest number of the year so far.

It should be noted that Israel has held general elections for the fifth time in 4 years and Netanyahu has become the prime minister once again, but despite the rapid change of governments, the aggressive policy towards the Palestinians and There has been no change in the occupation mentality


Switzerland in the FIFA World Cup

Cameroon will face Serbia, South Korea will face Ghana and Brazil will face Switzerland in the FIFA World Cup.Switzerland in the FIFA World Cup.

KkFifa world ๐ŸŒŽ Cup ๐Ÿต

In the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Cameroon will face Serbia in Group G today. This match will start at 3:30 pm according to Indian time. At 6:30 PM, South Korea will play Ghana in Group H, while Brazil and Switzerland will face each other in Group G at 9:30 PM.


Meanwhile, in a match played last night, Croatia defeated Canada by four goals to one. Canada has thus been eliminated from the race for the pre-quarterfinals. Croatia has topped Group F, while Morocco is in second place. In Group A, Spain and Germany ended in a draw with one goal each. In the same group, Costa Rica beat Japan by 1-0. Costa Rica thus moved to third place in Group A. Spain is on top, while Japan is second.


A brief history of the FIFA World Cup


The FIFA World Cup (English: FIFA World Cup) is the most important football competition in the world, which is played between the national football teams of the member countries of the world governing body of football, FIFA. This competition has been held every four years since 1930, but due to the Second World War, it could not be held in 1942 and 1946. The FIFA World Cup is also referred to as the Football World Cup or the Soccer World Cup or simply the World Cup.

Qatar is being criticized in the FIFA World Cup

Fifa world ๐ŸŒŽ Cup ๐Ÿต

Qatar is being criticized in the FIFA World CupFifa world ๐ŸŒŽ Cup ๐Ÿต


The FIFA World Cup has become a topic of discussion for the Eastern countries and the whole of Europe, including the United States, is shouting that Qatar has violated human rights,

while here the countries are talking about their laws and regulations and the country system.

Therefore, neither any other religion, creed and culture has a barrier, nor does the feelings and emotions of others have any status or reality.

But when the followers of such a pure religion of the world, who completely rejects the evil thinking and doing things like homosexuality, host the world competitions in their country and keeping their religious laws in mind, the biggest in the world.FIFA World Cup ๐Ÿต

Qatar is being criticized in the FIFA World Cup

When the sports fair starts, the European countries do not tolerate it, they become restless and restless, and they keep trying to create unrest and anxiety among the people with their dirty actions.

FIFA imposed various restrictions on Qatar before the World Cup, but perhaps they did not know that it does not matter to Qatar, it is also important to see how the world reacted to Qatar’s own stand.Fifa world cup ๐Ÿต

Qatar is being criticized in the FIFA World Cup, And it was seen that in the FIFA World Cup, the German team tried to protest by putting their hands over their mouths that we are not being allowed to speak, that is, we are not being allowed to go against nature and practice homosexuality.Qatar is being criticized in the FIFA World Cup

Yes, Qatar made a blunt decision about this and said clearly, like our country’s laws and culture, there is no need for Islamists to come here. Absolutely not allowed

Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,

Saudi Arab

FIFA World Cup: 1 Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”, Video Viral

Saudi Arab

Qatar: The video of the beautiful commentary in Arabic during the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia yesterday in the FIFA World Cup has made a splash on social media.

Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,


In the world’s most popular football World Cup in Qatar yesterday, Saudi Arabia won a historic victory by defeating the tournament favorite Argentina in an upset. And users were driven crazy by the commenter’s enthusiasm.

Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,

In this viral video on the social media website Twitter, it can be seen and heard that in the thrilling moments of the match, when the Saudi players dominate Argentina near the goal post, the excitement of the Arabic language commentators is also the movement of the players. decreases with increases.

Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,

At one point, when the football leaves the Saudi player, the excited commentator’s voice becomes muted, but as soon as the ball comes to the Saudi player again, the commentator’s enthusiasm also increases and as soon as the goal is scored. So the commentator humbly repeats the blessed name of Allah, Allah, Allah many times and the stadium echoes with this sound.

Mashallah mashallah


Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,

The commentator’s Arabic commentary on scoring a goal against Argentina has been well received by users, with media around the world making headlines.

It should be noted that Saudi Arabia defeated Argentina by two goals in the match played yesterday. The photos of the Saudi players prostrating on the field after the match on this historic victory were also viral, while the photos of the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman watching the match and the photos of prostration in the Bargah Elahi were widely covered in the media.

Beautiful Commentary in Arabic Language, Saying “Allah Allah”,

For the first time in the 88-year history of the Football World Cup, the Islamic color is prominent in this global sports event. Recitation of the Holy Quran in the opening ceremony, stopping the opening ceremony for prayer, banning the wearing of non-Islamic clothing and alcohol are prominent.

FIFA World Cup ๐Ÿต

A woman gave birth to a child in the courtyard of the Prophet’s Masjid E nabavi in Madinah

Masjid E nabavi in Madinah


A woman gave birth to a child in the courtyard of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. According to media reports, the volunteers of the Saudi Red Crescent had a unique experience when a female worshiper went into labor in the courtyard of the mosque and gave birth to a baby.


Ahmed bin Ali Al-Zahrani,

director general of the branch of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, said that volunteer teams and the Haram Ambulance Center arranged for the delivery of the baby in the mosque due to the critical condition of the mother. Al-Zahrani further said that after the check-up of the mother and the newborn, both have been transferred to Bab Jibril Health Center.

He said this case was among the cases that required intensive medical efforts.

Special medical skills are required to handle such cases successfully.

Japan and Germany Football World Cup 23 November 2022

Fifa world cup ๐Ÿต

Japan made their way by defeating their rival German team by 2.1


Germany is a four-time world champion, it is interesting to see Japan defeat the big team


Today in FIFA World Cup football, Japan defeated 4-time champions Germany 2-1 in a Group E match. This match was played at the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar. Ikay Gundogan scored for Germany in the first half. Japan’s Doan equalized in the 75th minute of the second half, while Asano scored the decisive goal in the 83rd minute.


ย Earlier, the match between Morocco and Croatia at Albeit Stadium ended in a draw and neither team could score a goal.